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If you don’t know where you’re heading, you’ll never know when you get there or whether you’re on track. Setting the right goals for digital marketing isn’t so easy, but our RACE framework should help you select the right goals.

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When setting goals it’s useful to look hard at each measure and ask “is it essential?”. You will certainly know the SMART mnemonic which you can use to assess the quality of measures. SMART stands for:

  • Specific – Can the detail in the information sufficient to pinpoint problems or opportunities?
  • Measurable – Can a quantitative or qualitative attribute be applied to create a metric?
  • Actionable – Can the information be used to improve performance?
  • Relevant – Can the information be applied to the specific problem faced by the manager?
  • Time-related – Can the information be viewed through time to identify trends?

Of course different people interpret define SMART differently.

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There are different types and levels of goals you can use for digital marketing. Our guides and articles give examples of the best way to use these:

  • Visionary goals
  • Efficiency goals
  • Effectiveness goals
  • Performance improvement goals and KPIs

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Best websites on Goal setting and evaluation

  • Occam’s Razor – Google’s analytics evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, has many great posts on setting goals and measuring them
  • Dashboard Insight – the best portal for best practice on dashboard usage for business intelligence and digital marketing

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