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Change management for digital transformation

A briefing on essential actions to manage change and projects that support a digital transformation programme

How will this guide help me and my business?

Our research shows that many businesses have not yet fully embraced the steps needed to respond to the opportunities and threats of the digital revolution which has fundamentally changed the ways customers interact with brands.

Minor, incremental changes to marketing departments are not sufficient. A digital transformation programme is required to accelerate the changes to people, process, skills and technology required to compete with the most advanced adopters of digital marketing.

Who is this guide for?

Our research also shows that many businesses are planning or active in Digital Transformation programmes. This guide is designed for marketing managers or C-level execs in larger organisations who want to boost their use of digital technologies to achieve more efficient and effective outcomes.

This guide takes you through the essential actions to manage change and lead digital transformation projects through to a successful conclusion. It is designed for marketing managers or c-suite execs in larger organisations, which want to boost their use of digital technologies to achieve more efficient and effective outcomes.

How is this guide structured?

This resource follows our 7 step format:

  • ONE. Introduction
  • TWO. Preparing for digital transformation and change
  • THREE. Models for understanding and managing change
  • FOUR. Create a climate for digital transformation
  • FIVE. Engage and enable the change
  • SIX. Implement and sustain the change
  • SEVEN. Learning from digital transformation success and failure
  • Next steps: Digital purpose post-transition.


Resource Details

About the author

Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman is a Digital Strategy consultant who has been involved in managing transformation projects for large brands and also by supporting them as a consultant.

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