Research finds marketers are stressed out, but most still love their jobs

There is plenty that stresses marketers. No doubts about it. As I'm writing this I'm worrying about how this month's Google Analytics stats are shaping up, whilst simultaneously getting angry at Facebook for throttling our organic page reach and crying about the fact that a post I wrote isn't ranking in Google search. Joking aside, stress is a serious problem for a large number of marketers, with 25% reporting they are either overly stressed or stressed to the max. It's understandable when there's pressure to hit 'stretch targets' for customer acquisition or revenue growth.

What ticks off marketers?

Thanks to this nicely presented infographic from Workfront we can 'share the pain' of what can stress marketers. Over half of marketers hate having to prove their value to people who don't understand what they do. It's a tricky one, because marketing often looks easy when done…

How to use Tentpole Marketing tactics to grow social buzz around events big and small

Think of a movie that hasn’t come out yet. A big movie, that’s making a lot of noise at the moment. This is a movie that’s probably already cost a lot of money to make and it’s a good bet that the studio is expecting to turn a pretty healthy profit on. In fact, this is exactly why they want you to know about it weeks, or even months, before it goes on general release. Chances are that after it's finished showing in cinemas, the studio would love you to continue to show an interest in the film, perhaps even buying the video game, t-shirt, poster or any other number of related merchandise. Perhaps by now you’re already talking to your friends about the possibility of a sequel. As…

Insights from eCommerce Expo 2015: Using Facebook and Instagram to boost e-commerce sales

Having attended the eCommerce Expo on the 31st of September I wanted to share some of the fantastic insights provided by the keynote speakers on how to boost E-commerce / online retail sales. In this article I take a look at how Facebook recommends their retail customer use Facebook and Instagram for sales. Full disclosure; this post is a write up of a talk on using Facebook and Instagram to boost e-commerce sales from Lynn Sutton who works for Facebook as ‘Client Partner Ecommerce - Facebook & Instagram’. So whilst the advice she gave is very valuable, it is rather like advice on AdWords from Google- There are valuable pointers on trends, but are not likely to concentrate on the disadvantages or other options.

Mobile is the future of e-commerce

E-commerce sales hit $60 billion this year up from $40…

Marketers think people have short attention spans - TV shows us they don't

It’s often said that we are living in a new “Golden Age of TV”.  There literally seems to be too much great television to watch... Whether you like gritty crime stories, or historical dramas or comedy series, there are inventive, compelling, “binge-worthy” TV shows coming out all the time – and not just on “television,” but now on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Today, TV is driving the cultural conversation more than movies or music or any other art forms: people identify by what types of shows they watch and they create a sense of community by comparing notes on social media about which latest developments happened during their latest session of binge watching. With all of the critical, cultural and financial attention going to TV shows today, companies like Netflix and Amazon and other online companies…

Verify your Facebook page if your business is based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Importance: [rating=4] For small business owners using Facebook Recommended link: Facebook's new Help page on Verification There are 45 million businesses pages on Facebook, and anyone can set one up and start posting. There are bound to be duplicates, with many of the same pages being set up by well-meaning staff members across different areas of the business, or even by members of the public. Facebook recognises this problem, and has just released a new feature to help business owners verify that their page as the official mouthpiece of the business. Facebook started rolling out the new verified badges for local business on October 6th..   This is a small tick symbol that appears just to the right of their company name. It…

To succeed with content marketing you have to have a well thought out strategy

Your peers have been telling you for years that you need to invest in content marketing. They tell you it’s the highest returning investment you can make and that your internet presence depends on your company’s ability to leverage high-ranking publishing platforms and specific SEO techniques. Are you ready to listen? If so, you need a plan. This blog will walk you through the basic steps of getting started with your first content marketing campaign.


Grasping the True Value of Content Marketing

As a business owner or marketer, you probably like numbers. So let’s look at the value of content marketing from a quantifiable standpoint. And what better place to start than by seeing what your peers – who are…

European court bans data transfers to the US because of concerns over privacy

Importance: [rating=5]For multi-national companies operating within the EU Recommended links: EU law release: Finalisation of the EU-US negotiations on the data protection "Umbrella Agreement" and DMA Guidance for members Good news for those worried about the NSA reading their messages, bad news for companies routinely transferring data between the EU and US. Yesterday the European Court of Justice invalidated a ‘safe harbour’ agreement between the US and EU that meant American companies could transfer data between servers in the US and Europe.

How has this happened?

Max Schrems, an Austrian Student, brought the action against Facebook arguing that Facebook was not complying with EU privacy law. After revelations about the spying conducted by the NSA, he argued that transfer of data from Facebook servers in Ireland to the US was against EU…

Choosing a conversion optimisation agency is a major businesses decision, here's how to choose the right partner

It’s great that you’ve made the decision to start a Conversion Optimisation programme but the hard part is deciding which agency deserves your investment. So where do you start? This post will give you a few key areas to help with your selection process to ensure you end up with the right partner for successful optimisation. 

1. Chemistry

CIC Chemistry Show by David Carroll. Flickr

Arguably the most important questions are, ‘who are they?’ and ‘can we work with them?’ You are likely to be spending the best part of a year working with your chosen agency, so first and foremost you need to like them as people. Ideally you should arrange to meet with the strategist(s) you’ll primarily be working with, at the pitching…

How to go international with your ecommence

Ecommerce opens up a world of opportunities (pardon the pun). Being based online rather than in a physical location means you potentially have access to vast amounts of customers. You are restricted only by the number of countries you can deliver to; in theory any one of the three billion global Internet users can access your site and thus could potentially be converted. But expanding into markets in new countries comes with a whole host of issues and although the opportunity is huge, the barriers can be tricky to overcome. Half of the Smart Insights team attended this years eCommerce expo this year, and I was there taking notes in the many talks on internationalising your ecommerce so I can pass on the best of that advice from industry experts onto you. So thanks to…

Marketers can better outreach their customers using location data

It's now commonplace for businesses to create mobile responsive websites and apps to offer similar functionality to a desktop website. But if your mobile experience are limited to features available on your desktop site you're missing out on the opportunity to deliver content in context. Customer location information can help businesses deliver a better and more relevant mobile experience and enable them to target the right audience for their services. In this article I'll look at some example for geo-targeting to provide more relevance. Source: Marketing campaigns follow a chosen strategy for targeting customers and the choice of location is important in determining the over-all success of the marketing campaign. As the location impacts demographics and buying behavior. A woolen apparel retailer who makes hundreds of sales in a day in a…

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