Which KPIs will help retailers optimise their mobile apps?

Well, you've finally launched your app and like other app makers in the retail space, you are looking to increase engagement with your users and generate income. You are monitoring your downloads and sources, but is that really enough to understand your users and discover what makes them stick? Will you be able to fully optimise your app based on this information alone? The answer is a pretty firm NO. You might be monitoring certain elements or metrics of your app, but is it really giving you the info you need? Going one step further, you need to be monitoring the right KPIs under those metrics. Because when it comes right down to it, KPIs are where the clues are at - these will guide you in optimising your app and increasing conversions. In this post, I…

How does email compare to other channels in driving customer acquisition and sales?

We can see the importance of email marketing by using the excellent Custora Ecommerce Pulse - which is updated monthly to show the impact of different channels on sales across $40 billion of US retail transactions from retailers who are clients of Custora. Here are three data points showing the importance of email marketing:

1.  How many orders does email drive compared to other media?

In 2015 Email remains one of the top three channels driving sales, not far behind organic and PPC. This position is mainly because of sales to existing customers. The latest data from May 2015 shows that email marketing now accounts for 15% of all sales. All of the top 3 have fallen a little compared to 2014 as Affiliate prompted sales have grown. For all of our interest and attention on social media this…

The best email statistics sources to benchmark open and clickthrough rates for your email campaigns in the UK, US, Europe, Asia-Pacific including Australia

Email marketers often ask "how do our campaigns compare?". They're looking for statistics to compare subscriber engagement for open, clickthrough and delivery rates, ideally within their sector. Fortunately, there are a number of good options to benchmark email response across different sectors. The best stats sources are compilations by email marketing service providers who produce statistics across their clients' campaigns. As well as our compilation of the latest data, I also recommend Mark Brownlow's compilation of Email marketing statistics sources.

Email Statistics - June 2015 update

We will continue to update this resource through the year as new reports are produced by the main email platforms. Do contact us if you're an email provider with new stats to share. Talking of which... Mailchimp have updated their Email benchmark stats…

Russia's current digital landscape: Search and Social

We all know Russia is geographically big, but it is also a big market when it comes to social, search and e-commerce. Russia has 87.5 million active internet users, and 67 million active users of social media accounts. It is estimated that Russian's will make $36 billion worth of purchases online this year. What is more that amount is set to increase considerably to $43 billion next year as shown by this summary from wearesocial. Russia represents a big opportunity as a vast market with high rates of annual growth in the digital sphere. However it also presents a series of challenges because it is very different to Western markets. The big players with which we are all familiar, such as Facebook and Google, do not dominate in the same way as…

How does your lead scoring rate against this benchmark?

Integrated 'SMarketing' is more than generating enquiries to pass them onto your sales team; leaving the ball in their court to qualify the leads, identifying if they are serious buyers or just researching. Qualifying these leads with the help of Lead Scoring Tools is proven to support companies not only to be more efficient, but to connect 'with sales-ready leads', so boosting conversion. By setting scoring criteria for your leads, your Sales team can reach out at the right time in the buying cycle, with relevant information and more likely to convert as they will communicating with serious leads, ready for more information'. Lead Lizard's lead scoring summary identifies which companies are adopting this process, their objectives for lead scoring and which is the most valuable asset when scoring. Read our …

How do consumers search for local products and services?

Google and IPOS research shows American shoppers are searching on their mobiles for local store information, including opening hours, address and directions. This has implications for Advertisers to ensure the right information is available! 4 in 5 consumers are using search engines to find local information, and 18% of local smartphone searches result in a purchase within a day. The infographic highlights 4 important tactics for retailers to embrace: 1. Ensure Ads include your address and directions, across all devices. 2. Tailor copy to take account of local searching. 3. Build an attribution model for local searches. 4. Use radius bidding and local bid adjustments. Download the full Infographic to find out more information from this American research on Local consumer search behaviour.…

Facebook does battle with YouTube to be the king of online video

YouTube has controlled online video pretty much since its inception. There have been some challengers, but they have pretty much given up the ghost and concentrated on their niche. The platform has made stars of online talent who got in there early and understood their audience. And some of those have become very wealthy off the back of YouTube's ubiquity. But just recently there's been a sea-change that is a genuine threat to YouTube's dominance and this is happening quickly and as you read this. YouTube has always had its problems. You have no control over the data, the ad returns are poor (if you require them) and targeting is very difficult. However it is/was the place where people go to find out stuff, be entertained, look…

New research from Litmus shows the type of content that encourages email forwarding

When was the last time you forwarded an email? It's natural for us to forward to family, friends and business colleagues, but how do you encourage it in email marketing? In the Digital Marketing world, developments happen fast, so it’s a fairly regular occurrence to see an email regarding a new feature or trend that you think it worth sending over to your colleagues so you all know about the new development. We tend to associate ‘going viral’ with Social Media, but email also can have considerable ‘virality’, even though this is not always as obvious. According to this new research from Litmus ‘more new visitors were reached through email referrals that Facebook and Twitter combined’. The study examined the forwards generated by more than 400,000 commercial email sends which achieved at least 500 opens between Jan 2013 and March 2015. You…

Marketers agree Email Marketing Automation is the future, yet 4 in 10 automation programmes Fail

Email marketing is one of the top two channels for realising ROI yet email marketing budgets are declining. Alongside this, the use of Email Marketing Automation is becoming less effective - how do we know this? Econsultancy's Email Marketing Industry Census 2015, produced in partnership with Adestra has conducted research. After nine years of surveys, they bring together a wealth of information to show how email marketing has changed and the views of over 1000 in-house marketers, and experts.

How are companies using Marketing Automation?

48% of respondents with a email marketing automation rated its capabilities as 'basic' and 9% as 'non existent':

What are the barriers to effective email marketing automation?

Companies realise that MA is important yet there still appears to be many barriers or challenges to…

How to build your content marketing strategy?

When the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently surveyed businesses about the state of their content marketing strategies, the findings were revealing – nearly two-thirds reported that their organisations did not have a documented strategy. However, for those working in the industry, this statistic wasn’t a great shock. 'I continue to look at that number and shake my head!' says Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute. 'It doesn’t surprise me, though. I do speeches every week and I’ll ask them that question: how many of you have a documented content marketing strategy? And I’ve never gotten more than 40% of the audience responding ‘yes’, even in what I would call advanced audiences.' Yet with the CMI study also revealing that those with a documented strategy were more effective in nearly all…

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