The 11 step launch marketing plan

The success of a startup will often depend on its approach to marketing. Unfortunately the vast majority of startup founders have little to no experience or marketing or managing a marketing budget. How do you deal with this dangerous contradiction? Well it's in the planning! Make sure that you’ve got your marketing strategy in line by applying the blur Group brand or product launch framework.

There are a million articles out there on brand development, launch marketing, PR, viral videos and more. Reading them all would be a start – or you can check our tried and tested approach below!

The framework described below is typically rolled out step by step over 18 months. We hope it helps.

'In this world of intangibles and endless competition branding is everything.'

Phase 1 - Strategic Positioning, Brand and Web Presence

1. Strategic positioning (ad Early Adopter target market definition)

The first step in a successful brand/product launch program…

How to deal with customer complaints on social

Social media is finally getting a little respect. Companies and organizations of all types and sizes are beginning to realize social for its vast potential as a customer service platform.

We’ve witnessed the awesome power of corporate self-sabotage on social media - BlackBerry tweeting promotional material from an iPhone, Comcast’s infamous stubborn retention rep, and British Airways’ failure to remember that Twitter operates 24/7. Now, companies are learning how to use social customer service platforms to respond to customer issues in a timely, personable, and effective way, and to do so proactively. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to help you build your strategy in dealing with customer issues on social media – and emerge with nothing less than a sterling impression left on…

You won't be able to design a great site without a good understanding of information architecture

The way in which a website is structured is a hugely important factor in determining how people find, understand and engage with content. In the absence of a sound structure, problems related to usability, content management and multiple re-designs can cause problems for both users and webmasters alike.

The process of planning and defining a website’s structure is known as information architecture (or IA for short) and it’s a practice that’s most often associated with user experience. However, an understanding of website structure and how different content elements relate to one another means that IA impacts digital marketing at a wider level and is therefore something many of us can use when strategising and planning.

Defining information architecture

The Information Architecture Institute offers the following definition:

“Information architecture is about helping people…

New research on how email readers interact with marketing emails

Those of you familiar with the latest email marketing stats will already know how important 'mobile opens' are. In fact, emails opened on smartphones and tablets make up over half of all emails opened over the last three years according to a new report from Yesmail. This research makes a compelling case for upgrading to responsive email designs, or if you already have them, for optimising them.

The importance of mobile email readership makes responsive email design more crucial than ever, because users expect attractive emails across devices, and are unlikely to click through on an email which looks poorly formatted because wasn't designed to appear on a mobile device.

Responsive design is key for boosting mobile clicks

Regardless of whether your emails have responsive designs, over half your email opens will be happening on mobile devices. However, if you don't have responsive designs, most…

New research showing the potential to improve conversion for mobile commerce

We regular update our compilation of retail e-commerce conversion rates from different sources comparing desktop and mobile conversion rates in browsers. In this new piece of research from Netmera, we present conversion rates for mobile apps.

The data shows mobile app conversion performance during 2015. Based on data derived from 50 million app users and from over 50 brands using Netmera services in 2015 and the first 2 months of 2016, this infographic highlights that the use of mobile engagement solutions, like push notifications, in-app pop-ups and automated campaigns, has a significant impact on mobile commerce conversion rates (180% increase in orders over the last year with push notifications).

Take a look at the infographic below to get a better idea of the scale of opportunity that is mobile commerce. Netmera offers services across sectors from retail, financial services and telecoms. Unfortunately these…

Examples of how customer reviews can be used for both B2C and B2B companies. Are you using them to your full advantage?

The vast majority of people, including you and I, read customer reviews before buying a product. We place a lot of importance on what others are saying about a product or website based on their previous experiences. So it’s a given that product ratings, reviews, comments and feedback given on social media sites can affect your business massively.

Customer Reviews are a Powerful Sales Tool in B2B Marketing

Considering the influence such user-generated content has on your buyers, it is no surprise that customer reviews are considered as the “new frontier in word-of-mouth marketing,” and perhaps suprisingly this also includes customer reviews for B2B companies. According to TechValidate research, 94 percent of marketing and sales professionals from B2B industry consider customer reviews and ratings ‘as very effective or extremely effective’. Still not…

To succeed your start-up must be lean. These are key principles to apply to marketing

Around the world, thousands of new businesses with exciting new ideas for original products start up every day. To say most of them fail is an understatement. The reality is the vast majority fail. Yet some go on to transform the way we live, eat, shop, work and pay for things. Start-ups are remaking the modern business landscape by disrupting established players. It's an exciting time to work for a start-up, or even better to be a founder. However, that doesn't change the incredibly slim odds of success.

Why do Start-ups fail?

Start-ups fail for all sorts of different reasons. But they all suffer from a set of problems which more often than not are the primary reason for their failure. Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, David Collis, outlines these problems as suffering from a…

This post examines common reasons for content marketing failure and introduces a 7 step content marketing strategy framework to mitigate the problem

Many businesses are now actively using content marketing, but it seems that there is potential for these initiatives to fail. According to the Smart Insights - HubSpot’s  Managing Content Marketing Europe 2016 research as many as 72% of marketers rated their content marketing as "limited," “basic" or "inconsistent.” 

In another survey from the CMI examining content marketing usage and effectiveness, a mere 32% of those polled describe their organisation’s content marketing as “sophisticated or mature”, with just 34% saying they are effective. 

New report shows the key trends small and medium businesses need to stay ahead of in 2016

Small businesses have more marketing options than they ever have had before. Low barriers to entry on marketing automation and social media platforms present massive opportunities for smaller businesses, yet it also means increased complexity and more channels to keep on top of. This can be a big problem for smaller marketing departments which can quickly become overwhelmed.

To give an idea of the scale of the problem, just last year the number of marketing technology companies doubled from around 2000 to 4000. Even in our infographic of digital marketing tools we identified 30 categories. That means way more options and loads of great new tools, but it also means there are twice the number of solutions to get your head around. How are you meant to know which tools you need and…

SME/SMBs are often overlooked for marketing best practice advice. Our new RACE planning guide addresses this

Marketers tend to love talking about the big, high budget campaigns. People writing up case studies are naturally drawn to big brands with big budgets, as they have the capacity to produce the 'flashiest' campaigns and assets. But investment in marketing for startups and smaller businesses is more important by volume, even though in each, budget is limited and every dollar, euro or pound of investment counts.

To get the most from limited marketing budget, in our guide for SMBs we have reviewed all the low-cost options through the marketing funnel shown by our RACE planning framework developed by our own Dr. Dave Chaffey. If you're not familiar with the RACE framework, this infographic gives a brief explanation - you can see it covers the activities to support marketing across the customer lifecycle or funnel and how to measure them.

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Free Modern marketing strategies template

Solve your Modern marketing strategies challenges with our FREE Modern marketing strategies template