Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will transform from interesting gimmick to core marketing channel

Virtual and Augmented reality tech has already started to make waves in the world of marketing, but you ain't seen nothing yet!

According to research conducted by Goldman Sachs, the market for VR and AR tech is set to explode in size, reaching a combined $35 billion worth of revenue by 2025. This may sound like a long way off, but it's only 8 years away- which will go quicker than you think!

For marketers the really juicy segments in the chart are the retail, video entertainment and live events sections, which combined account for more than eight and a half billion dollars in predicted market size. There are a myriad of ways this kind of technology will prove a boon for marketers in all sorts of different industries - augmented reality dressing rooms for retail, showing prospects around a…

Applying the RACE Framework to eCcommerce

The eCommerce sector is soon to be hit with one of the greatest opportunities of the year. Sales, brand awareness and loyal customers are all opportunities to address within this festive period.

Last year, eCommerce Black Friday sales hit an estimated £4.3 bn in the UK. The growing popularity of Black Friday amongst shoppers opens opportunities for eCommerce businesses that do not usually use discounted offerings (to maintain customer perceived brand equity and quality) to get involved with the heightened retail buzz.

Within this article, the RACE framework is introduced and applied within the context of Black Friday and the e-commerce sector.

Breaking down your Black Friday marketing strategy will give your e-commerce marketing initiatives a concrete structure to thoroughly approach, identify, and meet your outlined Black Friday objectives.

The RACE Framework, Black Friday, and eCommerce

The RACE framework takes into account all aspects of the customer journey,…

These massive trends will change eCommerce marketing in 2017

2017 looms just around the corner. It may seem a fair way off yet, but if you are to develop a winning eCommerce marketing strategy you'll need to start planning now. eCommerce continues to grow rapidly, but with the huge market acting as a magnet to brands large and small, competition will ramp up faster than the total growth of the market. This means customers will be harder to win, easier to lose and fussier on price and user experience.

To avoid falling behind the ever more fierce competition, you will need to both be aware of and benefit from the latest trends in eCommerce. These megatrends are global, have huge implications, and are not going to go away anytime soon. eCommerce marketers will have to integrate them into their planning to be successful in 2017. And if any of you think you can…

A useful model for those looking to bring about digital transformation

The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is largely credited to Fred Davis in 1989, when he was part of the Computer and Information Systems, Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Michigan in the US. This was at a time when computers were being introduced into the workplace and Davis was looking for a way to predict and explain system use both for vendors and IT managers. TAM was designed to measure the adoption of new technology based on positive attitudes towards two measures:

Perceived usefulness Perceived ease of use

Its foundations lie further back in time when Ajzen and Fishbein (1980) developed the ‘Theory of Reasoned Action’, but Davis wanted an easier to use model, to look at technology at work. Recognised as a leading model in explaining users’ behaviour towards technology, many researchers have subsequently developed and extended this model,…

Simplifying the purchase journey will help ensure you provide a happy customer experience.

The customer journey can be a long and arduous one for consumers as they move through the buying maze/funnel from initial research all the way to receiving their goods. These same consumers are demanding more and more from retail brands with, buy in-store for delivery, click and collect, and same hour delivery. At every turn, you are potentially putting off the customer from making their purchase.

WorldPay surveyed over 2,500 consumers and analyzed their behavior cross buying channels, generating in-depth insights into their behavior to give you a deeper understanding of what they want from retailers.

Worldpay found that while 28% of consumers are being frustrated with the lack of delivery options, a combined 31% of people are struggling…

A B2B case study showing how to create relevant, personal emails on a global scale.

Email marketing has undergone a transformation lately. The giants of online retail have set a precedent for sending relevant, timely email communications with content tailored to each customer on an individual basis.

Now the rest of us must follow, meeting the high expectations to which online consumers have become accustomed.

No longer is it enough to ‘batch and blast’ a single message to a contact list and hope that some will find it exciting….we must learn what each individual customer finds interesting and send them content to meet their requirements.  Email personalisation is undoubtedly here to stay.

Improving personalisation as part of your email strategy however is not straightforward. It requires a significant increase in content production and an even greater amount of data.  Even for companies with simple business models and minimal product lines, the deployment of personalised email content can…

Flat Website Design: A Fad or the Web’s New Look?

Like the hottest fashion fads, website design trends come and go. The days when carousel sliders and sidebars ruled the Web are long gone. In the last few years, flat websites have taken over.

The reason? Modern Internet users are savvier than their predecessors. They know how to navigate a webpage, so there’s no need to use shading and textures to guide their eyes.

Flat designs also have faster load times and a clean, professional look. According to Bluehost, these sites offer perfect scalability for mobile devices. These attributes not only enhance UX but also improve a site’s PageRank.

But is flat design a bottle-rocket fad that will burn out as fast as it took off? Or will it be the…

How to achieve organisational excellence

Organizational excellence is desired by every business, but many business leaders are never able to determine how it is achieved. It has often been said that 'change is a constant in businesses', but it is particularly relevant today from a marketing point-of-view with the growth in digital transformation projects.

There is no single shortcut to organizational excellence; you need to take a multi-channel approach to improving and optimizing business performance. At Performance pH, we have designed a methodology for achieving organizational excellence, which we refer to at the 10 Levers of Optimal Business Performance.

1. Strategic Direction

Building an effective organization begins with understanding your company’s purpose. Once that occurs you can more clearly defining your long-term goals. Next, objectives can be defined that help you move toward achieving your goals. These objectives can then be assigned to people within the organization so that a named person or team of people owns the…

10 tips to create an effective Cart Recovery Programme

According to research recently released by Britain’s Retail E-mpire, the UK will become the world’s leading ecommerce exporter, with online sales generated by UK retailers from international markets expected to soar sevenfold to £28bn by 2020. However, according to our latest research, on average 84% of people who visit a site abandon their purchase before checkout, costing retailers billions in lost sales. So what can we do about this problem? Well first of all – let’s switch it around and look at it as a fantastic opportunity rather than a problem. Opportunities are always easier to action than problems – right?

The Opportunity for retailers

So we now have a lot of potential buyers who in many case simply need a small nudge in order to complete the purchase and the good news is, that these abandoned sales are 10 times more likely to…

A breakdown of online sales in the UK

We're continuing to see a steady growth in online retail sales across sectors based on a range of compilations. In this chart based on data from the UK ONS we see a breakdown by sector of growth and the proportion of online retail sales compared to all sales.

We are seeing growth in all sectors other than textile, clothing and footwear stores. Perhaps evidence of a change in preference back to the high street in this category. Year-on-year growth in most sectors is sub 20% other than the 'other' categories. For reference, the specific figures in each sector are below.

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