UK consumers have growing expectations of customer service, and they need to be met regardless of channel or device

Customer service is often treated as an after-thought. Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, are all more glamorous and tend to get the lions share of investment, in part because on the face of it they seem more likely to lead to ROI. They all have the potential to generate more business and make money, but customer service doesn't. It's just dealing with problems, nothing exciting there.

Or so you might think. But the truth is looking after your existing customers and making them happy leads to vastly higher rates of loyalty, helps strengthen the brand and will generate far better online reviews and will in fact lead to sales via word of mouth. 97% of UK customers say customer service is important when choosing a brand, and 63% say they have stopped doing business…

Digital Marketing will increasingly become about visual storytelling

As we move into 2016, the digital marketing industry is inevitably bound to shift. While changes occur at all points throughout the year, there’s something about January that gives brands a fresh start. All of the sudden, we’re paying attention to the future, as opposed to reflecting on the past. Well, as you look towards 2016, it’s important that you focus on two words: visual storytelling.

What is Visual Storytelling?

It doesn’t matter what continent you travel to, which time period you study, or which people group you analyze, humans have and always will love stories. In the early days, people sat around campfires and told stories and passed along legends from one generation to the next. Today, we log into our Netflix account to watch the latest flick. Stories are what engaged and captivated the early inhabitants of the world, and somehow, they’re still…

Data from 65 million ecommerce orders shows the crucial sources of traffic for ecommerce websites

Ecommerce and online retail is a booming sector, but because the latest marketing techniques change so rapidly it can be tricky to keep up with the latest trends whilst also keeping your feet on the ground.

In a new report, Yotpo collated data from 65 million ecommerce orders representing $2 billion dollars in transactions over 120,000 ecommerce stores, and established what the industry average is for digital media.

The results make for slightly surprising reading. On the face of things, Social makes up a healthy 6%, but this is still a relatively small slice over the overall pie. Paid makes up 5%, which leaves considerable room for growth, whilst email makes up a…

Pop-ups aren't always good for your conversion rate

The website pop-up can be the most hated, dumb, and annoying feature of a website. In fact, some go so far as to claim that they're more likely to trust a TV ad, than trust or respond to a banner ad or a pop-up. But it’s no secret that a website pop-up is likely to get you “new” leads and email addresses faster than any other tool on your website.

However, pop-ups are really effective for growing email lists, so it makes sense, that if we are to use them, we do so in such a way they don't annoy the majority of our users.

So, whenever the question of whether or not to…

Omni-channel marketing will play a key role according to the latest research on business growth drivers from KPMG

In today’s fast-paced business world, standing still is an option. To stand still is to fall behind. The CEO of Salesforce summed up it at Davos when he said ‘speed is the new currency of business’.

Although, if I was being facetious I’d say I’m pretty sure money will remain the currency of business for a long while yet.

In this dynamic and constantly changing environment, it can be difficult to know what will drive business growth in the next quarter, year and longer term. To get an understanding of where business leaders saw growth coming from in future, KPMG asked 539 senior executives across manufacturing, retail and distribution…

Research reviewing factors that can limit conversion

Retailers will know that there are many factors that can limit online conversion resulting in between 95 and 98% of visitors to an online store not converting  on average (based on our compilation of cross-device online retail conversion rates).  This infographic combines the results of different surveys to give a summary of these factors that limit conversion

One of the main factors is simply that site visitors do not intend to buy online because of cost. This influences cart abandonment with 28% of online shoppers not buying products online due to the hidden or unexpected shipping costs. Another 23% don’t like account registrations followed by the 12% that have trouble understanding the checkout page.

Cart recovery programmes using remarketing through email or ad network retargeting are one solution. Price-led promotions targeting high priced products with flexible discounts were responded to positively by 54% of the…

Unexpected announcement of new 'Privacy Shield' means transatlantic data transfers won't be stopped

Importance: (For International Marketers)

Recommended source: EU Press release on new Privacy Shield

In a surprise move, which few predicted, the EU and US have hammered out a replacement to the safe harbour agreement, to facilitate transatlantic data transfers. The announcement came late yesterday at an unscheduled press conference. Few expected it. Even fewer thought it would come so soon.

The Safe Harbour data agreement used to facilitate data transfers between the US and Europe for 15 years. It basically was an agreement by the two powers that the other had good enough…

Setting specific objectives that help dictate your online marketing budget

Deciding on a budgeting strategy for SEO and PPC can sometimes be tricky. There is not necessarily a one-size fits all blueprint that organizations can follow. It is oftentimes a balancing act between the organization’s long-term and short-term goals. Developing a SMART objective that can be measured is an effective technique to budget for both PPC and SEO. Once specific objectives are set, it becomes much easier to determine how much money should be allocated to each online tactic.

Managing a budget for SEO

SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes time to develop and implement an onsite/offsite SEO plan. Most good SEO firms can cost $1000-$5000 a month; even more in some cases depending on the complexity of the business. The important thing to remember with SEO is that contrary to popular belief,…

Facebook will decide which stories are relevant and so have a greater organic reach based on qualitative user feedback as well as post engagement

Importance: (For Facebook marketers)

Recommended Source: Facebook Newsroom - useing qualitative feedback to show relevant stories

Online marketers are often butting their heads against Facebook’s organic reach. If you can get a post to get a great number of likes quickly then it can snowball and get seen by thousands. But, if it flops and fails to get engagement in those crucial first moments, then it is quickly chocked off by Facebook’s Page reach algorithm it will only be seen by a tiny fraction of the people who like your page. For example, it’s fairly standard for a Smart Insights post…

Creating quality online customer support can turn prospects into sales

How many times have you raced into a store to quickly pick up a few things and immediately looked for a brightly colored vest to find a sales assistant or customer service person to help you out?And how many times have you scurried from aisle to aisle looking for what you came to buy and seeing no sales associate in sight? That gets real frustrating,  real fast! This is how your online shoppers feel if you don't get online customer service right. They need help. And if they can’t find it – guess what, they’re gone, perhaps forever.

According to Forrester, if their questions are not answered quickly, 45% of consumers in the US will abandon their transaction.

Don’t think for a minute that your visitors don’t need your help to some degree. Econsultancy reports that some degree of customer support is need…

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