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B2B marketing automation guide

10 essential features of B2B Marketing Automation

This briefing guide shows the benefits that are possible with marketing automation and the 10 essential requirements you should consider when selecting or updating a Marketing Automation solution.

How will this guide to Marketing Automation help me and my business?

As a marketer working in business-to-business (B2B) marketing, you will want to increase leads and sales, understand your business audiences, serve relevant communications and create a compelling experience across different customer touchpoints between your brand and audience.

This is a huge challenge today, particularly in B2B marketing since there is a range of audiences and touchpoints. At the same time, your resources are limited and you are under-pressure to increase marketing qualified leads and repeat business.

Today, an increasing number of B2B marketers are turning to Marketing Automation as an approach to manage and improve complex communications across multiple touchpoints.

Yet many businesses are not using the full capabilities made possible by Marketing Automation to boost the volume and value of their leads. This briefing guide shows the benefits that are possible and the 10 essential requirements you should consider when selecting or updating a Marketing Automation solution.

What does the marketing automation guide cover?

This guide for B2B marketers will help you review your requirements for marketing automation and select the best vendor. It covers:

  • An introduction to the business benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B marketing showing what many businesses are currently missing out on
  • A summary of the 10 key features of Marketing Automation
  • Tips and recommendations on best practice for implementation
  • What to watch for when selecting a B2B Marketing Automation system

Resource Details

About the authors

Adrian O’Gara

Adrian O'Gara

Adrian O’Gara is a specialist in lead and funnel management — from sales and marketing alignment to process optimisation and automation. As founder and lead consultant at OGaraCo, the lead-to-revenue experts, Adrian helps B2B technology and service providers improve lead quality and velocity to increase marketing sourced revenue and ROI. Find out more at or connect with Adrian on LinkedIn.

Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn

Jordie is an independent email and eCRM marketing consultant. Entrepreneur Magazine titled him “One of 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch”. Brands like Unilever and KLM turn to him for advice. He is the founder of an international platform for Email and Marketing Automation Software selection.  Next to helping companies improve their marketing results, he is often asked as a trainer and keynote speaker. His practical and enthusiastic approach is contagious and will have you sending better emails the next day.

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