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Essential Marketing Models

15 Classic Planning Tools to inform strategy development

How will our marketing planning models guide help me and my business?

We believe that marketing models are powerful tools to aid thinking when reviewing strategic options and selecting the best future direction for a company. Yet some are not well known or misused - we wanted to share these classic models for students and professionals to apply.

With so many different planning tools available it can be difficult to known which is the best to use in which situation. We created this free guide to help today’s marketers apply our pick of the most popular established frameworks for their decision making.

This guide contains 15 Classic Marketing Planning Tools to inform strategy development.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is created as a reference for marketers creating marketing plans and studying professionals completing courses for trade associations such as The IDM, CIM and American Marketing Association. It will also be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate marketing and business students.

How is our marketing models guide structured?

We have selected 15 classic planning models including:

  • Business growth models: Ansoff, BCG Matrix and The 7Ps
  • Communications planning models: AIDA, DRIP and STP
  • New product development models: Price-Quality, Diffusion of Innovation and Product Lifecycle
  • Planning process models: PR Smith’s SOSTAC® and Smart Insights RACE Planning

Our free Essentials Marketing Models guide features:

  • A simple explanation and diagram for each model 
  • Examples of how, when and why to use the models
  • What to watch for and best practice tips

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