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Lead scoring and profiling guide

Learn how to effectively implement lead scoring and improve the efficiency of your sales team

How will this guide help me and my business?

If you sell high-value products and services, your customers will likely go through a lengthy consideration process before they commit and become a customer. You need to know which leads are ready to be passed on to your sales team and which need to be nurtured further through the buying cycle.

This guide will introduce you to the different ways you can score your leads and how you can classify them against your ideal buyer profiles. You’ll then be taken through the steps you need to take to implement lead scoring with your sales team to make them more efficient.

Our guide shows you how to break down your buying cycle and assign scores to specific behaviour. These scores will help you build an idea of how customers navigate through your site and the decisions they make before buying from your company.

You’ll learn how to use explicit and implicit information when lead scoring, the different types of leads that you’ll commonly find and what progressive profiling options are available, so you can make gathering information from your customers easier.

Who is this guide for?

We have created this guide for marketers who are part of sales and/or marketing teams to improve the communication between them and minimise wasted time. Sales teams will learn how to efficiently convert quality leads and marketing teams will learn how to streamline lead management, ensuring the sales team only receive viable prospects.

How is the guide structured?

The main sections of the guide include:

  • An introduction to and the benefits of lead scoring
  • Different types of lead scoring
  • Creating a lead engagement matrix
  • The main types of leads your business will find
  • Using BANT to measure the sales-readiness of a lead
  • Implementing lead scoring into your company
  • Progressive profiling and event-triggered messaging
  • How to avoid common issues

Resource Details

Author: Jenna Tiffany
Format: 6,000 word instructional guide

About the author

Jenna Tiffany is Founder & Strategy Director at Let’sTalk Strategy providing strategic consultancy services across the digital marketing mix. Jenna is a Chartered Marketer and elected Fellow of the IDM with over ten years’ marketing experience across both B2B and B2C. Jenna has consulted with brands such as Shell, Hilton Worldwide, Co-op, and Cinch! Australia to name a few on digital and email marketing strategy.

As a recognised expert, Jenna is an elected member of the prestigious DMA UK Email Marketing Council, the Chair of the Email Best Practice hub shaping the industry’s best practice and involved in developing the latest research. Jenna is also a marketing tutor teaching CIM courses as well as a competent public speaker and publisher, speaking regularly at hundreds of marketing events across Europe.

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