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B2B marketing has changed forever

Traditional promotional techniques will only get today’s B2B marketer so far.

When B2B buyers select a product or service, the top 3 information sources and buying behaviours are direct to a supplier website, using a search engine and consulting an industry specific intermediary like a B2B publisher or blog.

Of course, you could be missing a lot of potential business if you’re invisible in the search engines, don’t have an effective website for generating leads or aren’t using email marketing to convince prospects about why they need your products or services and integrate with your sales teams...


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Many business-to-business (B2B) organisations are already successfully using digital marketing in specialist sectors like financial and professional services, IT and software, manufacturing, engineering or science.

Yet a lot of the advice on online marketing looks at the ‘sexy examples’ of consumer brands selling to younger audiences.

Even though many marketers work in B2B marketing, there is a limited amount of good quality, specific advice and best practice available to draw upon for the unique challenges and opportunities available from digital media and technology for B2B.

B2B is different from B2C. Discover the many cutting-edge B2B  examples and campaigns.

Check out our B2B Toolkit to help refine your digital strategy and get practical advice on how to increase demand generation and convert interest to leads and sales using the power of marketing automation.

Armed with our Business-to-Business (B2B) Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Business-to-Business (B2B) strategies.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • B2B Strategy
  • Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing Ebook

    About this guide

    Our complete guide to Digital Marketing for B2B companies details the latest thinking on content marketing, responsive design, SEO and marketing automation applied to B2B marketing. We’ve heard members call it the “B2B Bible” since it covers everything from digital strategy to tactics plus all the main channels. At over 200 example filled pages, it is sure to inspire improvements to your B2B marketing

    Guide structure

    • How to create B2B strategy and planning techniques
    • B2B examples to inspire from different industries
    • Getting found and staying visible through SEO
    • Inbound and content marketing
    • Social Media marketing
    • Lead generation and E-CRM
    • Measurement and optimisation of B2B online marketing campaigns
  • B2B Inbound Marketing workbook

    About this Guide?

    Inbound Marketing and the closely related technique of Content Marketing have now become an essential part of supporting the B2B marketing and sales funnel.  We all know we should be practicing inbound marketing, we are all most likely doing it already, but you may not have a clearly defined plan from top to bottom. The aim of this workbook is to provide B2B marketers with a framework to structure your inbound and content marketing campaign plans based on a series of tasks.

    Guide Structure

    • Step 1: Define the Opportunity: Situation, Goals and SMART Objectives
    • Step 2: Define Personsas, Keyphrases, Buyer Journey and Pain Points
    • Step 3: Content Mapping: Aligning content assets to the Sales Funnel
    • Step 4: Budget (link to goals and objectives worksheet)
    • Step 5: Create Editorial Schedule
    • Step 6: Promotional Plan or ‘Content Distribution’
    • Step 7: Implementation
  • B2B Startup Digital Marketing Plan example and case study

    What does this guide include

    This workbook gives you a case study example of an online startup SaaS business. SaaS products are often new concepts to prospects, so it can be very challenging to convince prospects of the value you provide. To help meet this challenge consultant Jill Quick has created this specific SaaS digital marketing workbook, with case study and an Excel dashboard template.

    This resource is a ZIP file including:

    • Case study
    • Workbook:
    • Dashboard template

    What does the workbook cover?

    The workbook and example will guide you through each and every step involved in creating a digital marketing strategy to market SaaS products.

    • A SOSTAC® plan summary
    • Digital marketing specific SWOT Analysis Template
    • Setting vision and values
    • Using customer segmentation
    • KPI dashboard instructions + SaaS KPI Dashboard
    • Digital strategy planning Matrix based on RACE framework
    • Business model creation tool
    • Content marketing audit tool
    • Online competitor benchmarking tool

  • Managing B2B Marketing
  • Influencer outreach guide

    About the guide

    Engaging influencers is now a key marketing tactic to expand your reach and awareness through integrating with your content marketing, social media and SEO activities.

    This practical guide shows you how to use tools to find and interact with influencers on the best social media platforms for outreach, that’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It also advises on Google+.

    Guide Structure

    • Different types of influencers
    • How to identify and monitor influencers using Twitter and LinkedIn
    • Tools for researching and monitoring influencers
    • Engaging with influencers and converting them into brand advocates
    • Other social networks
    • Planning content updates to influencers
    • Case studies
  • Smarter LinkedIn marketing guide

    About this guide

    We have created this guide to help you both if you are new to LinkedIn as a business, or are trying to make better use of it as an individual. This guide summarises strategies and tips on how to maximize the usage of this network by building and targeting connections to meet your goals.

    Guide Structure 

    • An introduction to marketing with LinkedIn
    • Step 1: Setting up personal and company profiles
    • Step 2: Plan: Developing a LinkedIn Strategy
    • Step 3: Reach: Reaching your audience through LinkedIn
    • Step 4: Act: Encouraging interaction with LinkedIn
    • Step 5: Convert: Turning your LinkedIn leads into sales
    • Step 6: Engage: Keep your audience engaged
    • Step 7: Resources & tools
  • Sales and Marketing Integration Guide

    About this guide

    This guide will give you practical recommendations, based on real-world examples, showing how to get your sales and marketing teams working together more effectively. It covers best practices for processes, systems and cultural issues that you need to manage, with a focus on business-to-business organisations.

    Guide structure

    The informative, but practical and actionable 32 page guide covers the following:

    • The common challenges of sales and marketing integration
    • Aligning sales and marketing objectives and plans
    • Advice on sales enablement
    • Building an effective lead generation program
  • Account Based Marketing Guide

    About the guide

    The ABM concept has been around for over a decade and arguably being deployed by smart marketers ever since B2B sales teams have focused on target/key accounts. But in recent years, account-based marketing (ABM) has become a hotter topic in B2B marketing since new marketing automation tools and techniques have made it open to smaller businesses.

    Much of what is written about ABM is sales copy from marketing automation vendors, so it can be difficult to understand it separately from the technology you use to support implementation. This guide will give you an independent briefing to help you quickly understand the concept, benefits and implementation success factors.

    What’s inside?

    The guide covers:

    • What is ABM?
    • Making the business case for ABM – is ABM right for my business?
    • How to create an ABM strategy
    • 6 different technique for implementing ABM
    • An in-depth B2B case study
  • B2B Marketing Automation Best Practices Guide

    About this guide

    This guide to B2B marketing automation best practices will help you review your requirements for marketing automation, select the best vendor and create or review your lead generation and nurturing programme.

    Guide structure

    • Explanations of marketing automation concepts
    • Recommendations on requirements to review
    • Best practice tips for implementing marketing automation
    • B2B examples of lead scoring, grading and nurturing
    • Research from a range of studies to highlight the potential and challenges of implementing marketing automation software

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