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Why Programmatic advertising is essential to reach the modern consumer

February 9, 2016 by Expert commentator in Internet advertising strategy

5 steps to harness technology and creativity using programmatic advertising to maximize its potential To reach the modern consum …

autopilot trap

How to Avoid the ‘Autopilot’ Trap of Affiliate Marketing

February 9, 2016 by Expert commentator in Affiliate marketing strategy

Affiliate marketing needs to be run effectively to get the best results. Don't leave it on the back-burner. Affiliate marketing …

Creative button copy

What Your Generic Button Copy Says About You (And How to Fix It)

February 8, 2016 by Expert commentator in Web copywriting

How to Easily Cultivate Trust with Button Copy that Puts Your Audience’s Needs First Marketers are busy and often juggle way t …


5 digital marketing trends transforming the travel industry

February 8, 2016 by Robert Allen in Big Data

Digital has transformed the travel industry. Here we look at 5 'megatrends' 20 years ago the US was still home to 34,000 travel …

programmatic advertising infographic

What is Programmatic Marketing?

February 8, 2016 by Robert Allen in Internet ad targeting

Widely tipped to be the future of digital advertising, how is programmatic marketing defined and what are the opportunities? Pro …

2016 image sparkers

Marketing Trends for 2016 - Will we be in a post-digital era?

February 8, 2016 by Dave Chaffey in Marketing innovation

Our look at the latest trends in digital media and technology and how they will impact marketing this year At the start of each …