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Quarterly sales and marketing reporting and insights template

Craft effective quarterly reports to track team performance and optimize your tactics

How will this quarterly reporting and insights template help me and my business?

A key part of marketing is analyzing where you are now, and learning where you can optimize your efforts for the future. But how do you know if you're making progress towards achieving your strategy goals? Our quarterly reporting and insights template will help you put together effective reports to measure success and learn where you can optimize your tactics in the next quarter.

This is a process we use at Smart Insights to share cross-department wins and insights and assess how we are performing against our strategy goals. You can also use this template for monthly reporting if that suits your needs better. The template is built as a slide deck so it can easily be shared and presented across your organization.

To get the most out this template and your reporting, you will need to have clear marketing KPIs in place that relate back to your business’ overall strategy. We split ours across the RACE Framework to clearly monitor actions taken at each stage of the customer funnel: Reach, Act, Convert and Engage. In this resource, we explain how you can set up KPIs so your team all have a clear idea of how their work is contributing to overall business success, and how you can build these metrics into your own RACE dashboard to make reporting easier.

How is this guide structured?

The slide deck has been created in Google Slides and is structured around the three core business areas: Sales, Marketing and Product. For larger organizations with more departments, feel free to add more sections. It also includes a manager overview, space for team training updates, and how you can turn your insights into your next 90-day plan. 

The deck follows this structure:

  • Introduction slides
  • Manager overview
  • Quarterly Marketing report
  • Quarterly Sales report
  • Quarterly Product report
  • Team training update
  • Quarter summary
  • 90-day planning

To create a report for your business, go to File > Make a copy, to get your own editable version of the deck.

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Amelia Cooper

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Amelia Cooper is Head of Content at Smart Insights. She is responsible for managing the paid member content library and e-learning resources, as well as strategic planning to ensure customers get the most from their memberships. She is a University of Southampton and the Chartered Institute of Marketing graduate with over 8 years’ experience in digital marketing, specializing in content marketing.

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