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Growth hacking guide

How to start and sustain a more agile approach to grow your business and optimise your online marketing

The growth hacking approach (that you also have heard called ‘agile marketing’ and ‘growth marketing’) focuses on test and learn techniques to rapidly boost awareness, lead generation and conversion. It originated in the start-up scene on the West coast of the US several years ago and early adopters included Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription businesses and social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Since this time, the concept has been enthusiastically worldwide and not only in start-ups. Larger businesses have also sought to change their mindset towards a more iterative, continuous approach to increasing sales, often related to Conversion Rate Optimisation projects.

This guide aims to show how growth hacking concepts can be applied to established medium and large businesses as they seek to develop more agile marketing approaches. Naturally, the checklists in this guide will also be useful for start-up and smaller businesses also.

What does the growth hacking guide contain?

This guide explains all of the elements needed to ‘growth hack’ your way to increased sales (with a limited budget). It includes:

  • An overview of what growth hacking is (including new frameworks such as the 5 pillars of growth hacking based on research by the author that have never been published before)
  • A practical, step-by-step guide on how to growth hack
  • Growth hacking case studies including agile development using Scrum and Real-Time Marketing
  • Practical tools and technologies to help you effectively growth hack your way to increased sales

Who is the growth hacking guide for?

This guide is designed for marketers across all different sizes of business. It's been created to be useful for start-ups or small businesses as well as marketers working in more established marketing departments.

Although the term ‘hacking’ suggests it is only used by 'techies', traditional businesses such as The Metro newspaper, Regus Offices and Penguin Books are also using the principles of growth hacking. This indicates that the concept is not just relevant to technology start-ups and this movement has wider implications. Think of it as ‘digital disruption impacting marketing’ since technology is the enabler for marketers to understand and respond to user behaviour more rapidly. So, you don't have to have any kind of technology background to benefit from our growth hacking guide!

Resource Details

  • Author: Tanya Hemphill
  • Format: 20,000 word, 44 page A4 page PDF Ebook with illustrations, examples and checklists
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