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Marketing forecasting techniques for marketing planning guide

Make you future plan projections more accurate

How will this guide help me and my organization?

Marketing plans should help businesses compete in the future, yet the future is unknown since it is shaped by both long-term trends and one-off events. To help make marketing plans more effective, forecasting trends and modelling their impact through spreadsheets can help show the opportunity of potential for future leads and sales and minimize risk by more accurately forecasting.

We can improve future marketing budgets and plans if we use data and analytical tools to create well-considered forecasts. Credible forecasts can also help convince colleagues to invest in marketing if these forecasts are well-grounded on facts. This guide will show you some of the best techniques available for creating forecasts for modern marketing plans, and so will help you create more accurate plans.

This guide focuses on techniques that quantify the opportunities to generate leads and sales online, so it is particularly aimed at creating plans for digital marketing or these parts of marketing plans.

Which marketing forecasting techniques does the guide cover?

There are very many forecasting tools and methods that we could look at to support forecasting. In this guide by digital strategist Andrew Lloyd-Gordon, we have been selective on the techniques which are most relevant to forecast plans given the impact of digital disruption. This guide is a briefing on 8 key techniques:

  • 1. Scenario Planning
  • 2. Competitor Benchmarking
  • 3. Review consumer Adoption of new technologies
  • 4. Understanding user intent from search behaviours
  • 5. Forecasting for digital marketing budgets
  • 6. Using Conversion Rate when setting budgets
  • 7. Budgeting for different types of site
  • 8. Attribution modelling

Who is this guide for?

In our experience, although budgeting is a key marketing activity, surprisingly few Marketing Managers generate marketing forecasts or understand their power.

This brief guide then is designed to help all those involved in marketing who are keen to support the change process in their organization to make more use of digital marketing. This includes people such as:

  • Marketing Directors, Heads-of and Managers
  • Digital Marketing and E-commerce Directors
  • Company Owners, CEOs and Financial Directors

Resource Details

  • Authors: Digital Strategist Andrew Lloyd Gordon
  • Format: 14,000 word, 52 page A4 page PDF Ebook with illustrations and checklists

About the author

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Andrew Lloyd Gordon is a Digital Marketing Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Google Squared Online Tutor. After studying for an MA at Warwick Business School, Andrew started his digital marketing career in 1997, when he helped launch and promote After 4 years at, Andrew eventually went onto become MD of the business after turning it into the leading jobs board for Higher Education in the UK and across the world. At the height of the dot com boom, Andrew was headhunted to help launch a number of high-profile start-ups. You can follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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