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Influencer outreach guide

How to convert brand influencers into brand advocates using social media

How will this influencer guide help me and my business?

Engaging influencers is now a key marketing tactic to expand your reach and awareness through integrating with your content marketing, social media and SEO activities.

This practical guide shows you how to use tools to find and interact with influencers on the best social media platforms for outreach, that’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It also advises on Google+.

Our guide shows you:

  • The key ingredients of creating an effective Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) program
  • How to use to find and monitor influencers using social media
  • Free tools to identify the most influential
  • How to use the features of Twitter and LinkedIn to help you find and monitor influencers
  • How to develop processes to engage influencers and convert them into social media advocates who share your content

Who is the Influencer Outreach Guide for?

This practical guide is aimed at these audiences:

  • Marketing Managers looking to set up effective Influencer Relationship Marketing (IRM) strategies
  • PR professionals looking to better understand influencer marketing and improve their outreach techniques
  • CMOs looking to learn more about influencer marketing and how it can benefit their business
  • SEO professionals looking to improve their outreach techniques

What does the Influencer Outreach guide include?

The guide covers these areas:

  • Introduction. The principles of Influencer Relationship Management (IRM)
  • ONE. Different types of influencers
  • TWO. How to identify and monitor influencers using Twitter and LinkedIn
  • THREE. Tools for researching and monitoring influencers
  • FOUR. Engaging with influencers and converting them into brand advocates
  • FIVE. Other social networks
  • SIX. Planning content updates to influencers
  • SEVEN. Case studies

Resource Details

  • Format: PDF download containing over 60 pages of advice to inspire you
  • Related recommended resourcesSocial Media Marketing Strategy guide: this guide is designed to help you create a social media strategy. By aligning the techniques mentioned in this guide with the strategy guide, you’ll create an effective social media strategy for your business.
  • Author(s): Danny Bermant

About the author


Danny is director of Brainstorm Digital a mentor, trainer and speaker specializing in influencer outreach and B2B social media strategy.  With over 15 years of digital marketing insights, Danny has given hundreds of companies the skills, knowledge, and confidence to bring in new business online.


The guide was also edited by Dr Dave Chaffey and Robert Jones.


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