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Digital channel roadmap template

Present a persuasive long-term plan to colleagues using a fact-base of predictions and insights to justify online sales growth

This handy, actionable and practical 80 slide Powerpoint deck with examples of data and insights to justify long-term investment.

Your colleagues will know there are great opportunities to grow the revenue and profit contribution of digital channels including web, mobile, social and email. The question they will ask is ‘how big is the opportunity’ and how you can justify investment in it? How can you quantify contribution for the years ahead?

Driving change to a more digitally-focused business model requires the clear communication of many complex elements to colleagues and decision makers within an organization. The tools and charts within this templates have been designed to help you do that by effectively blending the facts with simple, high-level commentaries in a visually compelling and easy to understand format.

This Powerpoint template will help you build and communicate your digital business growth strategy, providing a high-level summary of where you are currently, your digital growth and capability development objectives, as well as outlining the planned initiatives to achieve those ambitions. 

Who is this template for?

This planning template is for those who are responsible for growing the contribution of digital channel leads and sales within a business and need to communicate their plans and strategies to others. 

  •  Digital Marketing Directors and Heads of Ecommerce
  •  Marketing Directors and Managers
  •  Digital Marketing Managers

The goal of the template is to get the message across and achieve buy-in for the digital business strategic plan.   

The approach recommended was developed by Rob Lauren in his role as responsible for increasing the Ecommerce contribution across more than 50 separate businesses within the specialist travel sector when working for TUI. It has been refined and generalised since on other projects.

Resource Details

About the authors

Digital Strategy consultant Rob Lauren of Kaizen Digital

I have been helping organisations successfully transition to digital-first business models for 15 years. I’ve worked with scores of SMEs, FTSE 100 companies and charities to define and implement the what, why and how of digital transformation. From the front line to the board room, from agency to client side, this experience enables me to help organisations develop their digital business approach.  

I’ve led the development of numerous websites, mobile aps, eCRM and social media programmes. I’ve built, led, developed and restructured teams to transform digital capability within organisations. On the other side of the fence, prior to my consultancy, I launched and led a successful full service digital agency.

I have been lucky enough to have worked closely with some of the best specialists in the business across web design, SEO, paid search, social media, analytics, content and more – getting under the bonnet of online channels and immersing myself in best practice tactics and techniques. 

Throughout, the constants have been recognising the need for change, making the case, getting-buy-in and understanding what it takes to transform an organisation into a market leader in a digital world.

Find out more about what I do and how I can help you get fit for digital business.

What’s included in this template

At the heart of this strategic planning tool is the discipline of building a “fact-base” – the collation of data into a “single version of the truth” summary. This fact-base should include an assessment of a business’s digital channel capability – benchmarked against competitors where possible – as well as clearly presenting past performance and future target data.

This fact-base acts as the foundation and context for setting out a clear vision, SMART objectives and the initiatives planned to meet those objectives, working within the Smart Insights RACE framework.

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