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Email marketing and marketing automation buyer’s guide

A comprehensive review of Email marketing Service Providers and Marketing Automation providers

How will this guide help me and my business?

Email marketing continues to be one of the strongest channels for ROI. Now, to increase relevance through automated personalised messaging through the lifecycle, many businesses are deploying Marketing Automation. But with so many vendors, where should you start when selecting the best fit for your business?

Our guide gives a comprehensive review of the essential features alternative email and marketing automation platforms, with recommendations based on different requirements.

It has been produced by Email Marketing expert Kate Barrett and contains a detailed review of features based on information provided by Email Service Providers (often known as ESPs) and Marketing Automation platforms.

The aim of this guide is to help you select the Email and Marketing Automation provider that is just right for you.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for senior marketing managers and email marketing managers who are looking to switch email platform and are actively reviewing alternative email marketing service providers and marketing automation platforms.

How is this guide structured?

The guide contains a 5-step vendor selection process, along with a section specifically comparing features and criteria.

The first section on vendor selection explains a recommended 5 step approach to choosing a vendor.

In the second section, the guide evaluates the range of features available and how they will help you, as well as recommendations for why you need these features.

The guide reviews 20 of the most popular English-language vendors.

Resource Details

  • Author: Kate Barrett
  • Recommended related guide: Email marketing platform RFP checklist
  • Format: Comprehensive PDF document to help you select the best EMail Marketing Service Provider and Marketing Automation vendor for you and inspire you with the array of features available

About the author

Kate Barrett is the Author of the upcoming book ‘E-telligence. Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is’ (coming 2018)

Email marketing is her passion as well as her career. With over 10 years experience working directly on client email marketing programs, Kate has a proven track record of increasing results; from opens and clicks to conversions. Speaking, blogging, research and DMA membership mean that she is always up to date with the latest email marketing news to feed her passion!

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