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Business case template

Business case template to help you to make the case for digital transformation in your business

How will this business case template help me?

With many competing priorities for investment in your business, or in your clients' businesses, a solid, well-presented business case will help you get investment in your initiatives.

If your organization doesn't have a defined template for businesses case, as many don't, then presenting your arguments to your managing, marketing or finance director using this structured template could prove more persuasive.

This tried-and-tested template is developed by Paul Hill who has worked in a number of senior digital roles and has prepared and sponsored many business cases over the years. Ready for immediate use, this 18-page e-book will help you create and build the case for investment from senior management.

Who is this business case template for?

Marketing managers and those in senior positions who are trying to make a case to very senior management or if you’re trying to convince your team that now is the time to invest in digital marketing.

How is the business case template structured?

The template is split into 13 sections covering all aspects of commercial justification and proposed implementation to give confidence in the viability of the case and to enable it to be assessed. The individual sections are:

  1. Purpose
  2. Context
  3. Goals and objectives
  4. Approaches
  5. Strategic fit
  6. Project costs
  7. Business benefits plan
  8. Results
  9. Project approach
  10. Dependencies
  11. Risks
  12. Assumptions
  13. Business case sign-offs

It has been developed to support investment in a range of different types of capital and operational expenditure related to marketing including new systems, online software services or new marketing processes requiring increased headcount.

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About the author

Paul Hill

Paul Hill

Paul Hill has over 10 years experience in eCommerce, marketing and systems development across SME and PLC organisations, in which he delivered business change projects that cut across brand, people and systems. By working in consultancy, project management and Director level operational roles for a wide range of businesses in the travel and financial services sectors Paul was able to bring a wide range of experience in digitally integrated sales and marketing.

Now a consultant at agency First 10, he is working with a number of clients to develop their digital strategies and secure the required investment and Board level buy-in. A passionate believer in people and culture being the essence of all good strategies and systems, he brings a down to earth, balanced, holistic approach to projects seeking to achieve true business change.

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