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IF you know how to get it right, SEO is a fantastic way to drive quality visitors to your site who want to do buy from you now.

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Our SEO guides aren't written by journalists or SEO spammers who just run blogs...

Instead, our SEO guide and templates are written by experienced enterprise SEO consultants and client-side SEO experts who drive SEO for some of the biggest businesses like Apple, HSBC and Trip Advisor.

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SEO is an AWESOME online marketing channel since it gives the opportunity to drive quality traffic at low cost. BUT, it’s far from easy. You’ll know that SEO is super-competitive and Google has hundreds of ranking factors which change, so where should you focus?

The answer is our continuously updated SEO Toolkit for Expert members which demystifies SEO by showing you the factors that REALLY matter to beginners, but also drills down to the details that make a difference for more experienced SEOs running enterprise sites or running SEO for clients.

There are many self-proclaimed SEO experts who may recommend risky ‘smoke and mirrors’ techniques which won’t apply to businesses like yours. Often, their experience is limited to SEO for their personal blogs and they have no experience of real enterprise-scale SEO.

The Smart Insights Expert commentators like Dr Dave Chaffey, James Gurd and Vince Coyne who update our Expert members toolkits are different. They have over 50 years experience in SEO in sectors including B2B, consumer brands, Ecommerce retail, Financial Services, Professional Services, Travel and more… PLUS, their experience spans mid-size businesses to the largest enterprises such as 3M, Apple, BP, HSBC, Trip Advisor and  Tui.

Check out the practical guides, templates and spreadsheets in our SEO toolkit to see what you’re missing.

Armed with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • SEO Essential Success Factors
  • Successful SEO guide

    About this Guide

    Our comprehensive guide will give you all the latest detail you need to review the SEO for your business or your clients. But not too much detail… It’s designed to be quick to scan with highlighted definitions, SEO strategy recommendations and practical tips.

    Guide Structure

    • Step 1: Do an audit, plan and set your goals
    • Step 2: Make sure the engines can find your content
    • Step 3: Get your on-page optimisation right
    • Step 4: Create awesome content for SEO!
    • Step 5: Get more quality links using content marketing
    • Step 6: Refine your internal linking
    • Step 7: Improve SEO through Analytics
  • Practical Tools for Auditing SEO
  • SEO Strategy audit checklist

    About this guide

    Details are important within SEO since there are so many factors Google uses to inform its search rankings. It’s easy to get lost and miss the important factors for success.

    The ‘use-case’ for this audit is for a consultant, agency or in-house SEO specialist to use the spreadsheet as a detailed checklist and then make prioritised recommendations for improvement. The spreadsheet also includes a healthcheck for a higher level review.

    Spreadsheet structure – the 50 review questions are in the same structure as our 7 Steps guide

    • Step 1: Auditing value of current SEO and identifying goals
    • Step 2: Technical SEO: improve crawling and indexing for maximum visibility
    • Step 3: On-page optimisation – review markup and copy against best practices
    • Step 4: Content strategy – managing the right type of content to attract links and visitors
    • Step 5: Link-building – ideas to gain more quality links and review and disavow poor quality links
    • Step 6: Internal linking – often a missed opportunity to improve SEO
  • SEO gap analysis Excel spreadsheet

    About this template?

    An SEO gap analysis helps you review your “market share of consumer searches” by comparing the number of searches performed for the keywords you are targeting against the number of visitors you get to your site through natural search in the organic search engine listings.

    Our Excel SEO Gap analysis spreadsheet is a template which can be used to quickly import these search terms and compare actual keywords which drive visits from a site against the keywords you are targeting. It will help you identify new opportunities to target keywords to attract new site visitors

    We’ve used this gap analysis approach on many search consultancy projects in financial services, retail and travel sectors and it’s a still a great way to review where your SEO is broken and needs improving.

    Template structure

    • A master worksheet enabling you to compare the actual number of visits to your site for different keywords you are targeting against the total number of searches (impressions) measured as an exact match. Conditional formatting enables you to quickly review where there is an opportunity to improve position or clickthrough rate (share of search).
    • A similar keyword comparison worksheet for any search which contains a phrase. We think this is the most useful feature of our template since you can quickly analyse head terms (such as product categories) or long-tail search terms (such as reviews or detailed product features) you are targeting.
    • Import worksheets which can be used to quickly import data from the Google Analytics, KeyWord Planner and Google Search Console data sources.
    • A “Read me” page outlining how to use the spreadsheet.
    • 3 examples of how to create a target keyword list structured around consumer search behaviour
  • SEO how-to video tutorials

    About these tutorials

    The aim of these short 10-15 minutes video tutorials covering 4 free tools is to help marketers understand and report on customer search behaviour and SEO effectiveness to identify new opportunities to attract more site visits through organic search


    • Tutorial 1: SEO Gap analysis using Google Keyword Planner
    • Tutorial 2: Google Trends briefing
    • Tutorial 3: Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to review SEO and identify opportunities
    • Tutorial 4: Backlink audit and benchmarking Competitor Sites
  • SEO proposal template

    About this Guide

    The main purpose of this template is to help agencies and consultants preparing SEO proposals. Client-side businesses may also find the template useful when briefing or reviewing proposals received from different agencies when selecting a new SEO agency.

    We have developed it in response to member requests for an SEO proposal template by consultants and agencies whose main focus isn’t search marketing, instead they are looking to offer SEO services perhaps through recruiting or re-training existing staff. Of course, we know that specialist search marketing agencies will have already developed their approach to proposals for pitching, although they may be interested to compare their approach to ours.

    Guide Structure

    • Understanding client business challenges and goals from investment in SEO
    • A summary of the agency solution going into detail on different activities forming the approach to SEO
    • Structure of SEO programme including recommended main activities and deliverables
    • A list of 10 key differentiators to consider when selecting an SEO agency
  • Managing SEO checklist

    About this Guide?

    This guide is for marketing and digital marketing managers who need to manage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), either through agencies, consultants or company specialists or through their own efforts.

    Our members asked for a short checklist of all the factors  for SEO success businesses MUST get right. This helps give the top-level view with a simple list of factors to consider.

    Guide Structure

    • 22 factors for managing SEO with a short description of each
    • The 7 steps of our 7 steps to SEO success guide
    • Links to the latest analysis in Smart Insights blog articles
  • On-page SEO and copywriting template

    About this template

    This resource is a practical template aimed at helping content editors to change how they create and update pages in order to improve the ranking of pages in the organic search results for Google, Bing and Yahoo!

    Template structure 

    • A 10 step process to integrate SEO into web page creation
    • Detailed best practice recommendations for on-page ranking factors


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