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Post-campaign analysis report template

Evaluate the success of your campaigns, break down each channel's effectiveness, and create an actionable report your colleagues can learn from.

How will this template help me and my business?

The template is aimed at helping you collect your campaign results, analyze and evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness. It also shows how you can review campaign effectiveness by segmentation, messaging, and channels. The report is useful in understanding how each channel and process has contributed to the wider goals of the campaign and longer-term business goals, what channels were less effective and what improves and contingencies need be considered next time.

Each section prompts talking points and gives recommendations on what to include and analyze to give a detailed report.

Who is this template for?

This post-campaign report template has been created to help marketers brief senior management, clients, and colleagues on campaign results. It’s in Word format to make it easy to amend for your needs.

Agencies and business members with a white labelling licence can rebrand this template to present to clients by double-clicking into the header area and replacing our logo with their own.

How is the template structured?

The sections in the post-campaign analysis report template are:

  1. Executive summary:  A brief summary of the performance of the main campaign structured around 10 key areas covering all aspects of the campaign. For a quick, high-level review just complete this part.
  2. Campaign execution: More detailed review of content, campaign waves and channel performance and how it has contributed to campaign goals.

Each section prompts talking points and gives recommendations on what to include and analyze to give a detailed report. Not all sections will be applicable if you haven’t used every channel.

Resource Details

  • Author: Carolanne Mangles
  • Format: Word document template

About the author

Carolanne Mangles

Annie (Carolanne Mangles) is Smart Insights’ Digital Marketing Executive – she writes on a range of topics – SEO, Analytics, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning – to bring you the best advice on all things new in marketing. You’ll also find her travelling and exploring new parts of the world when she is not writing. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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