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Digital Marketing Benchmarking Templates

Review where your organisation is at with digital marketing and plan how to improve

What are the digital marketing benchmarks

Our benchmark templates use the 5-point scale of the Carnegie Mellon capability maturity model which rates different processes from an unmanaged approach as you start out at Level 1 up to a well-managed process at Level 5.

The benchmarks cover:

  • Digital Transformation assessment
  • Integrated lifecycle marketing using RACE
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing campaign planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Customer Experience
  • SEO Capability
  • Social Media Strategy
  • International marketing - website localisation and translation
  • E-commerce

How do I use the capability reviews?

Score your business from Level 1 to Level 5 for the different ‘best practice’ activities you are using for each of the core processes we have defined as each row.

Once you know where you are currently at you can focus your efforts to improve. Use our guides to increase your skills and understanding in the key areas identified by the templates.

How will these benchmarking templates help me and my business?

Whatever the size of your business, ‘How do we compare to our competitors?’ and ‘What does good or excellence like?‘ are common questions when companies are looking to get more from their digital marketing. Great questions! But how do you know what to compare and how can you structure your review and recommendations?

These powerful one-page templates let you quickly review how well you are currently using the key digital marketing techniques on a 5 point scale for different criteria and so identify the gaps in your current capabilities.

These templates edited by Dr Dave Chaffey and our Expert commentators will help you:

  • Review how well you are currently using the key digital marketing techniques
  • Identify the gaps in your current capabilities
  • Create a plan of how you need to improve

Resource Details

  • Authors: Created by Dave Chaffey and reviewed by sector specialists
  • Format:  12 page A4 PDF with capability reviews for most of the main areas of digital marketing.
  • Recommended Expert member resource: Digital Marketing Audit – this Excel spreadsheet enables you to complete a more detailed review of your digital communications and experiences. It’s structured using the Smart Insights RACE planning framework.
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