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China digital marketing strategy guide

A Guide to navigating digital marketing in China

How will this guide help me and my business?

Our China Marketing Strategy Guide is a complete guide to help you understand China’s digital marketing landscape. This guide will give you a better understanding of China’s biggest online marketing channels and how they operate.

This guide is beneficial to digital marketers for several reasons:

  • China’s market size of 1.3 billion consumers presents a big opportunity for any global brand.
  • China’s “online” market is growing at a very fast pace.
  • China’s ever-changing digital landscape is dominated by local players; many of whom have less global recognitions.
  • Chinese consumers’ behaviours and expectations are different than its western counterparts.

Who is this guide for?

Anyone who is responsible for or would like to learn more about China digital marketing channels:

  • C-suite marketing executives of international brands
  • Digital marketing directors/managers responsible for China-specific market
  • Start-up business owners in China
  • Agencies that want to help companies expand in China

This guide will give you a better understanding of China’s biggest online marketing channels and how they operate.

How is this guide structured?

The guide explores China as a growth market and offers strategic recommendations for launching a business or product in China. The guide sections are:

  • Introduction
  • China’s Rising Market
  • China’s Online Growth
  • Key Online Players
  • Baidu, China’s Top Search Engine
  • Chinese Consumer Online Behavior and Expectations
  • What Works? Viral Campaigns Examples
  • Resources

Resource Details

  • Authors: Lei Chien
  • Last updated: October 2017
  • Format: Long form online guide to help you plan your Chinese Marketing Strategy

About the Author

Lei Chien is a partner of the start-up in Shanghai, China. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, he knows that the passion for creativity will always remain; the only things that have changed are the powerful tools and the complex interfaces. His previous employers include IKEA, Mars, and Alibaba Group.

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