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Omnichannel retail

The latest user experience update for online chat increases engagement with your customers on their terms

Many marketers already use this free Facebook Chat Plugin for chatting to customers on their website. But with major updates to the Plugin this week (and increased convenience for customers) resulting in a 45% increase in enquiries, there are even more reasons to consider your chat interface.

What is the Facebook Chat Plugin?

The customer-facing Facebook Chat Plugin embeds Facebook’s Messenger app into the bottom right-hand corner of your website. Customers have the option to ‘chat’ to you just as they do with all their other Facebook connections. Until now though, logged-out customers were required to log-in before they can chat.

What does the Facebook plugin guest chat update mean?

With the option…

How companies communicate with customers has always been important, and the introduction of new technologies only makes the process more complex

The pace of innovation continues to drive new options for reaching customers, and savvy business leaders know that to thrive in this market, they must be ready to adapt. How companies communicate with customers has always been important, and the introduction of new technologies only makes the process more complex. For instance, a business can use live chat or chatbots to interact with customers on its website, customer portal, or app. It can also use chatbots to interact on social media messaging apps. And now, live chat and chatbots are available on platforms like WhatsApp Business, a business-focused leg of WhatsApp that launched in 2018. [si_guide_block id="122303" title="Download our Business Resource – Omnichannel marketing planning guide" description="Our omnichannel planning guide will outline the differences between Omni and multichannel marketing and then help…

The promise of omnichannel was that people would connect to a brand digitally or physically and then feel continuity in each subsequent interaction. For the most part, omnichannel hasn’t delivered that

If you want to understand how omnichannel marketing fails, picture yourself in a funhouse surrounded by mirrors. In every direction, you see your reflection in distorted shapes and sizes. The mirrors change appearances, not who you are and what you believe. But if you spend too much time in front of the mirrors – social networks, blogs, or wherever you present your brand – you can become disoriented and so can your customers. [si_guide_block id="122303" title="Download our Premium Resource – Omnichannel marketing planning guide" description="Our omnichannel planning guide will outline the differences between Omni and multichannel marketing and then help you create a strategy and roadmap for achieving your omnichannel marketing objectives, using examples from global brands."/] The promise of omnichannel was…

A three-step approach for standing out and being distinctive in the retail space

It’s no secret that we’re experiencing a high street retail crisis in the UK. According to the Centre for Retail Research, there are around 50,000 fewer shops on our high streets than just over a decade ago, with some predicting this will only get worse in the following years.

The number of empty shops stands at a record high. In July 2019 the proportion of all shops that are empty reached 10.3%, its highest level since January 2015:

[caption id="attachment_150345" align="alignnone" width="550"] [Image Source][/caption]

There are many reasons why high street retailers are suffering, including:

Changing consumer tastes - whilst chain stores have declined on the high street, …

In order to grow your e-commerce sales, you need a strategy in place to help promote an increase in conversions

E-commerce will continue to grow in 2020. In fact, Statista has predicted that retail e-commerce sales will hit $4.2 trillion in 2020, up from $3.5 trillion in 2019. If you're serious about your e-commerce business, then you're probably already plotting how to get your maximum share of that pie. But growing sales actually goes beyond wishing. You need a sound strategy you can implement to produce results. [si_guide_block id="81741" title="Download our Business Resource – Retail e-commerce marketing trends" description="This guide is designed to assist you with your e-commerce marketing efforts, whilst providing you with practical advice and context to the current marketplace, with relevant statistics and various examples to inspire you."/] Which marketing strategies will put you ahead of the competition this year? In this blog post, we'll be discussing six…

Omnichannel is the preferred marketing method, Facebook sees app usage decline, Instagram testing new Stories notification list, Pinterest launches Mobile Ad Tools and Facebook reaches $5 billion data privacy agreement

Facebook has had a bit of a busy week, with internal research looking at its app's decline going public and the $5 billion US Justice Department fine being confirmed. On top of this, the platform has also agreed to a raft of new data privacy measures with the FTC. In other news, research has revealed that consumers from all generations prefer an omnichannel experience rather than just a traditional or purely digital approach. Instagram is reportedly testing a new type of notification list for Stories, which could be a sign that new features are on the horizon. Pinterest has also launched new features, with its latest ad tools allowing brands to create advertising campaigns on the go via mobile devices for the first time. Read…

Chart of the Week: More than three in five consumers say that retail innovations or solutions have made shopping experiences easier, with online shoppers seeing the biggest benefits

More customers now expect a seamless, personalized shopping experience. Whether they are buying in person or online, people want a quick and easy experience, something that is being made more possible with retail technologies. In fact, more than three out of five consumers say that technologies used in retail and retail innovations have led to an improved shopping experience, according to the latest research from the National Retail Federation (NRF). When it comes to shopping online, 80% of customers say the same compared to 66% shopping in-store. Despite the fact that there is an increased focus on mobile shopping experiences, only 63% said that shopping technologies and innovations improved…

Is your business equipped to offer customers personalized experiences across multiple channels?

In the era of instant communications and instant gratification, relationships between businesses and customers are changing. Driven by customers’ need for personalized and seamless interactions, brands are constantly adopting new communication channels, which allow them to reach customers at any stage of their purchasing journey. Making a purchase nowadays is easier than ever as customers can go from discovering a product on Instagram to an online checkout system in less than a minute. With 51% of UK’s consumers saying they prefer to shop online, the pressure is on for businesses to engage customers in high-touch point, more personalized interactions. [si_guide_block id="135151" title="Download our Business Resource – Integrating customer acquisition and retention communications" description="Our briefing to integrating customer acquisition and retention communications will show you common areas where the two teams fail to communicate, how a customer data…

Boost in-store sales with social media. Infographic illustrating the many ways in which retailers can integrate their social presence with the in-store experience.

The topic of omnichannel marketing seems to be on the lips of most retailers these days. In a time when customers have multiple points of contact with retailers, the expectation is that their experience is seamlessly integrated across any and all channels.

Whether a customer is shopping in-store or scrolling through Instagram, consumers now expect each touchpoint with a brand to be consistent.

The gradual move to omnichannel marketing represents a significant shift in the thinking of retailers. No longer seen as competing opposites, the online world and the brick-and-mortar shop are now seen as complementary pieces of the whole experience. When strategically integrated, all these elements can work together to help the business thrive.

Retailers stand to…

Chart of the Day: A shockingly low rate of personalization of the customer journey is revealed

The growth in use of mobile devices and increasingly complex customer journeys means that multichannel retailers need to deliver customer experiences that that integrate across customer journeys as consumers increasingly use multiple channels on the path to purchase. Given the growing importance of omnichannel marketing, UX consultancy Practicology has teamed up with Google in a recent benchmark report, to review omnichannel experiences across Europe. Retailers are strongest in providing integration with store information, for example through store locators and also returns. Integrating personalization across channels performs has the lowest score with using in-store technology also scoring relatively low. Although this report focuses on retail, you can use our popular free multichannel marketing benchmark templates to review your performance across different digital marketing channels and customer experience.

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