Can your branded consumer goods business compete online?

With so much competition, you need to stand out

  • Digital Transformation within the branded consumer goods sector has been accelerated by COVID-19 – many more people are making purchase decisions online, and as a result competing online is harder than ever.
  • You need to be visible to consumers and your potential customers, instill trust in your brand and – once converted – engage them to retain them and promote advocacy.
  • Virtual branding enables you to do just that! We’ve got tools and training to support you and your branding team in creating an omnichannel, virtual brand to reach, convert and retain more customers.

Omnichannel customer lifecycle

  • But, creating an integrated, omnichannel brand marketing strategy is hard, and time-consuming. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem.
  • The Smart Insights RACE Growth Process enables you to define and implement your virtual branding marketing strategy, all centered around your customer’s journey.
  • So you can optimize your brand’s presence on your key channels and accelerate your brand’s growth.Omnichannel Marketing funnel

E-commerce marketing trends

Interested in the latest retail e-commerce marketing trends to grow your business in 2021?

Our recommended brand resources brand storytelling

Define message hierarchies
  • Learn how to create a messaging hierarchy for campaigns and general brand positioning of a product or service.

Select media investments
  • Selecting effective media requires the marketer to make the right investment choices between paid, owned and earned media to get the results you need. This module equips you to review your approach.
Influencer marketing
  • Discover the different kinds of influencers you can work with, the tools you can use to find them, and the success factors of strategic influencer relationship management.

Make your brand identity the central organizing principle for everyone and everything in a company rather than just the products, services, logos and imagery

Brands are assets that create sustainable wealth, both for businesses and wider society. Every successful brand has a clear positioning expressed through its name, logo, and identity. But, more than that, a strong brand identity has the potential to influence all aspects of a brand's omnichannel presence, including its products, services, and staff behaviors. In fact, McKinsey's nine traits of a future-ready company found that employees who say they are “living their purpose” at work are four times more likely to report higher engagement levels at work. People reach further when their energies are channeled toward a purpose. This shows brand leaders can capitalize on brand purpose to enthuse both their customers and employees. Brand positioning and identity are integral components of the overall brand strategy. Having a…

Personalized marketing, as we know from our experiences as brand-lovers and as marketers, is the make or break of any e-commerce marketing strategy in a competitive environment

Personalized marketing is all about offering improved user experience (UX) by serving relevant content, or targeting key messages in the funnel, based on your customer’s e-commerce activities and behaviour. Personalized marketing unlocks tactics for retailers to form personal relationships with their customers during their online experience (CX), to nurture leads and drive more sales from digital marketing. During a global 2022 survey of consumers who purchased something online in the past six months, 62% stated that a brand would lose their loyalty if it delivered a non-personalized experience. This is no secret to marketers who have watched a growing trend of personalization customer expectations and e-commerce investment to match. In fact, the chart below shows current customer experience personalization and…

Need a framework to help your brand stand out? Streamline your brand strategy framework with our tools and templates to cut through the noise

Right now, brands are going through an identity crisis like never before. In the age of digital disruption and bad omnichannel marketing, it can be tough for branding to unify marketing communications effectively. Like your customers, you need to refresh your approach to digital to keep your brand relevant today. But it's easier said than done. We recommend using a brand strategy framework, such as the RACE Framework, to streamline your branding and keep everyone on track. With a defined brand framework in place, you can strategically manage your brand with trusted data and processes in place to optimize your brand marketing and win more customers. Interested? Find out more about managing your brand with a brand strategy framework, plus our recommended tools to reach, convert…

Virtual Reality is still in its infancy as a marketing technology, but it is about to mature

The demand for virtual reality experiences is growing — and not just among gamers and early adopters. Contrary to initial speculation, widespread use of VR isn’t dependent upon top-of-the-line head-mounted displays. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, average consumers can now get in on the VR fun — and marketers should be paying attention. VR will disrupt every sector, and brands that hope to reach Millennials, in particular, need to make use of this new platform. Young people prize experiences over material products, and virtual reality presents a way to fulfill that demand. [si_quick_block id="79375" title="Marketing technology and media innovation guide" description="Learn how Virtual Reality, and other emerging technologies, could be used in your digital marketing strategy to improve your customers' experiences with our marketing technology and media innovation guide."]

Where the Physical…