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How customer-centred is your website? Today's leading websites aren't static brochures, instead, they are immersive experiences with carefully crafted customer journeys and content to engage an audience instantly.

Because an integrated digital customer experience is business-critical, today's leaders don't update their website designs every few years as used to be the case, or even, every few months, instead they invest in continuously optimising their digital experience.

If you are serious about getting the most leads and sales from your desktop and mobile site or app, you simply have to continuously optimise your users' digital experience.

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The web was now invented over 25 years ago by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Since then, we have seen huge advances in personalisation, page load speed and support for mobile devices.

So, you might think that businesses today have the knowledge, skills and tools to work with their agencies or internal teams to create effective customer journeys.

Not so in our experience! With the rapid changes in technology and design style, many businesses are constantly playing catch-up with the latest techniques. Often, this means they have neglected the fundamental best practices which are essential to get results.

Our Digital Experience Toolkit is here to help. Our guides and templates will step you through all of the questions you need to ask to review your current website and rapidly make improvements. We’ll help you identify the ‘quick wins’ and the major changes needed as part of a website redesign. There is no quicker, easier or more effective way to optimise your site for the best sales uplifts and ROI.

PLUS, if you manage or work for a transactional, ecommerce site, don’t miss our acclaimed ‘Ecommerce Bible’ which is part of our Ecommerce toolkit.

Armed with our Digital Experience Management Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Digital Experience Management strategies.

Digital Experience Management Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • Auditing your website
  • Inbound Marketing Quick Wins template

    About this guide

    Fully updated to cover the latest inbound marketing techniques across the full customer lifecycle structured around the Smart Insights RACE planning approach, this guide lets you apply a consultant’s approach yourself by following the questions you need to ask.

    Guide structure

    • Plan: Understand the goals of the business, Key Performance Indicators and target audience personas.
    • Reach: Covering inbound marketing techniques including SEO, PPC (Google AdWords) and affiliate marketing.
    • Act: Review desktop and mobile website brand value proposition, customer journeys and calls-to-action for lead-generation and profiling.
    • Convert: Welcome sequence, Remarketing and assisted selling.
    • Engage: Social media and email marketing and improving the website for existing customers.
  • Customer persona guide

    About this guide

    This download is aimed at helping agencies and consultants improve their use of design personas and also to enable companies to specify their business requirements from personas when using internal or agencies to research and develop them.

    Guide structure

    • Personas defined including different types of personas
    • Examples of personas for different types of company including consumer, business-to-business and not-for-profit/public service
    • Customer journey and touchpoint mapping examples
    • Making the business case for personas
    • Detailed examples of the key customer persona and experience development techniques

    Don’t miss the Persona research guide also available from the Digital Experience Management toolkit – it includes a downloadable Excel template for creating detailed personas with journey maps (blank template plus B2C and B2B examples available).


  • Persona research guide

    About the guide

    Thinking about personas? Start here – use this guide to create effective, actionable personas.

    The guide will help you effectively build personas using the most appropriate research techniques. The research doesn’t need to be lengthy or costly, as this guide explains.

    What’s inside?

    The guide is structured in such a way that takes you through various research techniques including diary studies, focus groups and using marketing data to build personas, the specific contents are below:

    • All about personas
    • Building the case for creating personas
    • Elements of personas
    • Types of personas
    • How to use personas
    • Contextual interviews
    • Diary studies
    • Online blogs and bulletin boards/ forums
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Using Data for Persona Development
    • SEO Keywords
    • Tools

    Also includes a downloadable Excel template for creating detailed personas with journey maps (blank template plus B2C and B2B examples available).

  • Best practices for improving websites
  • Improving results from your website guide

    About this guide

    This guide will show you how to improve your website design, messaging and content to get better results, as well as how to audit your site using an expert review to identify quick wins and other improvements.

    Guide structure

    • Step 1: What do we want our site to deliver?
    • Step 2: Making your site customer-centric
    • Step 3: Improving user journeys
    • Step 4: Improving your home page
    • Step 5: Improving category and product pages
    • Step 6: Improving checkout and on-site lead forms
    • Step 7: Site optimisation using Google Analytics

  • Landing Page Conversion Guide

    About this guide

    We’ve written the guide so you don’t need special landing page software to make improvements, you can simply use our recommendations to change existing pages elements and copy. We also outline the options for other software too. The guide has over 50 examples of best practice to inspire improvements to your landing pages covering a range of sectors from retail, financial services, travel, business-to-business and not-for-profit.

    Guide structure

    • Step 1: Set your landing page goals
    • Step : Understand your visitor needs
    • Step 3: Engage your visitors
    • Step 4: Design the optimal page layout
    • Step 5: Create compelling content and creative
    • Step 6: Increase brand credibility and trust
    • Step 7: Improve results
  • Mobile marketing strategy guide

    About this guide

    Our mobile marketing best practices ebook is a comprehensive guide to helping businesses exploit the opportunities of mobile commerce.

    Guide structure

    • Introduction: The growing importance of mobile marketing
    • Step 1: Making the business case for mobile marketing
    • Step 2: Create mobile strategy
    • Step 3: Mobile design: create compelling mobile experiences
    • Step 4: Mobile search marketing and advertising
    • Step 5: Mobile commerce and mobile payments
    • Step 6: Mobile CRM and mobile coupons
    • Step 7: Integrating mobile, local and social

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