Managing International Marketing Toolkit

Are you fully exploiting the opportunity from localised marketing campaigns?

Plan more relevant campaigns and develop better localised content and experiences.

Running international marketing campaigns gives a fantastic opportunity to gain leads and sales globally. But it also adds complexity and additional challenges to every single market activity. From coordinating activity across multiple languages, tackling differing levels of brand, product or service awareness, social and cultural market differences as well as the demands of managing an international team. These are just some of the challenges that marketers need first to understand and then deploy the tools and techniques at their disposal to tackle them.

Digital media and technology give you the opportunity to get your message across in different markets, but you need to work extra hard to deliver relevance for your international visitors. We can show you how, without you having to learn the hard way – through errors.

Using our proven system is a surefire way to grow your profits quickly.

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Create a winning Managing International Marketing strategy

Our comprehensive Managing International Marketing toolkit, trusted by thousands of marketers and companies of all sizes and in over 100 countries, gives you everything you need to create, launch and refine a winning strategy. All in one, easy to access place.

This toolkit will step you through the process of creating digital marketing campaigns to grow leads and sales internationally. It also shows how integration with offline activity should be managed.

There are also lots of practical recommendations as to how to make international marketing work through optimising your local sites and country marketing.

This toolkit will help you:

  • Understand the size of the opportunity in each market
  • Create campaign plans tailored to each market
  • Ask the right questions to increase engagement in your country marketing
  • Review the best hosting and domain name options for international SEO
  • Understand the SEO techniques need for local market search engine visibility

Armed with our Managing International Marketing Toolkit, the world's top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Managing International Marketing strategies.

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