Looking to increase awareness and generate leads for your business?

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Our Content Marketing Partnership packages provide a range of options to advertise your marketing product or service to our audience of over 500,000 unique visitors each month.

We have a membership of 165,000+ members in 170 countries worldwide, 61% of which are in decision maker roles.

Our cost-effective partnership options include email, on-site and content creation services, and because we cover the full scope of digital marketing, we're sure to have the audience to generate demand for your business.

I am delighted to say that so far we have received 889 downloads of our White Paper with more than 2000 views of our landing page. This is another fantastic result.

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Content Marketing Partnerships

Generate demand and quality leads for your marketing product or service

How does a Partnership work?

Working alongside Partners for periods of 3-12 months, we define a communication strategy which fits your lead generation and market positioning goals. Once a publishing schedule of content assets is agreed, leads are generated using a combination of different activities. By limiting email broadcasts to our audience from Partners each week, response rate is maximized.

Who does Smart Insights work with?

We work with marketing technology platform vendors in a range of sectors including customer experience management, Ecommerce, marketing automation and both email and social media marketing.

Targeting by geography?

Our emails for partners are broadcast worldwide or focused on a country or region, e.g. UK, US, EMEA or APAC.

Email send times are also tailored to reach inboxes worldwide at peak times.


Content Promotion Format



Lead Generation Campaigns

With regular communication between your team and ours, we create one or more campaigns surrounding a specific asset such as a white paper or webinar. If you don't have an asset, we can work together to create one for you - see below. Depending on the activity and your campaign strategy, we use some, or all, of the following activities:

  • Solus email - an email to our members exclusively about your asset.
  • E-newsletter insertion - your offer is included in our popular bi-weekly newsletter, reaching over 120,000 inboxes worldwide.
  • Multi-Partner email - an email containing up to five Partner offers.
  • Social media mentions - we promote your asset through our social channels.

Co-branded custom content and research reports

We design and manage co-branded research and best practice reports to generate awareness of your brand through our Lead Generation Campaigns, or on your own site.


Marketplace listing and guest post blog articles

Showcase your services in our Marketplace directory and publish guest posts on our blog linking to content assets on your site.


Section sponsorship

Generate awareness and clickthrough through a Banner ad (MPU format) placement in relevant sections of our blog.


Events and webinars

Hire our co-founder or analysts to speak at your events and gain association with our brand. Work with us to produce co-branded webinars + access registrant data.

Contact us to discuss a Content Marketing Partnership

Our Customer Success Team will call you back, provide a Partnership Pack detailing all options, and answer any questions you may have.

We got over 580 downloads and actionable sign ups.

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