About Smart Insights

How can we help you improve your marketing?

Our aim is to help our members improve their results from integrated digital marketing so they can make the most of the great opportunities offered by modern marketing.

We’re proud to share the exciting potential of digital marketing with over 150,000 active members, premium members in more than 100 countries and our monthly blog readership of more than half a million users.

The Smart Insights difference

All too often digital marketing is poorly planned and tactical. Our research shows that around half of businesses don't have a digital marketing strategy. This is partly because much of the digital marketing training available is limited to tactics, not strategy. All our learning starts with strategy and then aligns it with communications tactics using our RACE Growth System so members can develop effective marketing skills to be a sought-after 'T-shaped' marketer by helping you become more:

  • Strategic. Learn how to create integrated digital and marketing strategies using the RACE Growth System.
  • Competitive. Learn competitor benchmarking. Develop powerful Digital Value Propositions.
  • Data-driven. Learn how to create forecasts, monitor performance with GA4 and dashboards.
  • Creative. Learn how to enhance your brand and content ideation with the latest marketing technology.
  • Actionable. Focused on improving results using editable planning, forecasting and monitoring templates.

We believe that to succeed in their careers, marketers need to develop strategic skills as highlighted by the purple part of the T in our visual, plus develop knowledge of best practices for media channels shown across the top of the T.

Smart Insights strategic T-shaped marketer graphic

How do we help our members?

We help individuals improve their personal digital marketing skills and businesses of all sizes increase their leads and sales by creating action plans to transform their use of integrated digital marketing.

Our approach is to support our members to improve their digital maturity by using a more strategic, data-driven approach to create practical action plans. Our member resources are structured using the RACE Growth System, which is an integrated framework to help members plan, manage, and optimize all their marketing activities.

Learn more about how we help our members reach their personal career goals and improve their business marketing effectiveness by:

Our members' area gives easy access to all resources with the paid members dashboard showing all resources downloaded and progress through Learning Paths.

Digital marketing toolkits

Our core toolkits cover all key aspects of digital marketing. Each toolkit enables members to quickly complete an audit for a communications channel or activity and then create an optimization plan following recommended best practices or 'standard operating procedures (SOPs)'.

Each toolkit has a learning path to explain best practices and our unique downloadable presentation and spreadsheet templates aimed at make it quick for you to create forecasts and plans to present to others. Other toolkits including digital branding, digital transformation and advice on different B2B and B2C sectors.

We also offer Content Partnerships which are our advertising program that supports martech vendors and agencies by growing awareness and providing leads through our range of PR and advertising options. We do this by offering members the option to download a whitepaper or attend webinars with partners.

Our story

Digital marketing and technology experts Dr. Dave Chaffey and Stuart Miller launched Smart Insights in 2010 with the aim of providing marketing professionals with a single up-to-date source of best practices to create and implement plans to take advantage of the opportunities of digital marketing.

The Smart Insights team

Our team is made up of experienced and active digital marketers with a wealth of knowledge between them. We are all passionate about helping individuals and businesses get the most from their marketing, sharing our experiences and seeking to learn as much as possible along the way.

Smart Insights is owned and operated by our two founders:

  • Dr. Dave Chaffey, a digital strategist, trainer and consultant who is a bestselling author of digital marketing and e-commerce books. He was recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 gurus who has "shaped the future of marketing". As well as developing our member content, Dave continues to speak, train and consult on digital marketing strategy.
  • Stu Miller, CEO has over 20 years of experience in managing web-based technology for large companies and start-ups. Before getting the ball rolling with Smart Insights, Stu worked as a consultant and was a co-founder of digital marketing agency First10. He also advises a number of ecommerce startups including Hello Nails, a niche business selling nail wraps to the UK market.

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