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Business Membership for marketers serious about driving growth

Whether you're an agency, startup, or enterprise we've got the resources to help you improve ROI

Business Membership gives you and your team a complete and structured system of audits, templates, guides, and e-learning to help you rapidly review and optimize your digital marketing. From ready-to-use templates to comprehensive e-learning, we provide marketing resources that help you get results fast whilst upskilling your team. The RACE Growth System grows your business by helping you with every aspect of planning, managing and optimizing your digital marketing strategy. All in an easy-to-use, easy-to-follow framework that's been proven to get results.

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A marketing framework for organizations of all sizes

Since 2010, thousands of organizations have implemented RACE and improved their marketing results.

Business membership

SMB / Startup

You need to...
  • Have marketing support and guidance
  • Create a new digital strategy driven by growth
  • Increase knowledge to become agile in the market
  • Adopt the latest trends to get ahead of competition

How we can help you
  • Scale your business with ready-to-use plans
  • Business plan summary templates
  • Online startup business model templates
  • Exclusive access to growth hacking resources
  • Dedicated account mangement when you need it
  • E-learning and micro e-learning to learn new skills
  • Exclusive access to startup and SMB resources
  • and more...

Business membership


You need to...
  • Implement digital transformation
  • Integrate your teams and have one central strategy
  • Optimize your current digital strategy for better results
  • Learn latest and best practice tactics to compete

How we can help you
  • Comprehensive e-learning to upskill all team members
  • Extensive digital transformation plans to align teams
  • Manager team dashboard to monitor team progress
  • Industry-specific best practice and example plans
  • B2B digital plans and templates
  • Latest trends and statistics to keep up-to-date
  • Digital adoption and competitor benchmarking guide
  • and more...

Business membership

Agency / Consultant*

You need to...
  • Attract new clients by improving ROI
  • Save time on planning campaigns and writing reports
  • Retain and grow existing client accounts
  • Develop team skills to improve campaign results

How we can help you
  • Ready-to-use templates to deliver to clients
  • Business capability grader to score clients
  • Pitching documents to help you win campaigns
  • Budgeting and costing spreadsheets
  • Measure and report on client campaigns
  • Latest best practices including customer discovery
  • Exclusive access to agency resources
  • and more...

*Consultants can access Business Membership. You are also licensed to rebrand and use a set of resources on your clients

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All Business Professional Members have access to...

  • The accredited RACE Digital Marketing Planning Framework to help integrate your strategy across all customer touchpoints.
  • 3 strategy and planning toolkits to manage digital and campaign strategy.
  • 7 digital channel essentials toolkits, including SEO, Email, Social Media, Content Marketing and Paid Media.
  • 10 exclusive Business Membership toolkits, including Managing International Marketing and Integrated Lifecycle Marketing.
  • Full and repeat use of our Business Capability Grader to score your business and client capabilities.
  • A Personalized Learning Plan for you and your team to understand which skills need improvement.
  • Quick Wins micro e-learning courses to learn new tactics quickly when you have a specific job to be done.
  • Comprehensive channel e-learning covering essential marketing knowledge to improve campaign results and optimization.
  • Team progress dashboard to monitor improvement over time.
  • A dedicated account manager to support your membership needs and respond to queries.
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Join 165,000+ global members and accelerate your company growth

Since 2009 our toolkits have helped thousands of marketers in over 170 countries to hit - and exceed - their targets.

Membership was a critical investment in my career and my company

Tons of templates and resources to use covering diverse topics

Must-have for anyone who wants to improve 1% every day

Learn how to use the RACE Growth System for your business

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