Any retail brand with a digital presence should use this three-step ASIN targeting process to develop an Amazon advertising strategy

In the same way that the library uses the Dewey Decimal System to keep everything orderly and organized, Amazon has its own system: the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, which half of Amazon sellers classify as 'crucial to their bottom lines', now's the time to make sure you're exploiting every targeting feature out there. Product detail pages (or ASIN pages) are prime real estate for advertisers. Placing an ad directly on the product page of your competitor is a great way to steal market share and increase your sales. [si_guide_block id="127475" title="Download our Business Professional Resource – How to sell on Amazon as a 'marketplace' seller" description="Amazon accounted for 47% of online retail in the US according to recent compilations. 51% of…

Personalization offers great opportunities for retailers to improve relevance across the customer lifecycle

Successful e-commerce marketing today requires consideration of the full customer path-to-purchase shown below across the Smart Insights RACE lifecycle planning framework. The infographic shows the vast number of omnichannel touchpoints across paid, owned, and earned media, both online and offline. Ultimately, a successful e-commerce experience for both site visitor and online businesses depends on relevance. If you connect a visitor with the most relevant products and offers, they will see the value and are more likely to convert. [si_guide_block id="125181" title="Download our Free Resource – E-commerce personalization buyer’s guide" description="Implementing an effective retail personalization strategy can be one of the most cost-beneficial decisions you can make towards increasing your online revenue, improving your online conversion and building a loyal and happy customer base."/]

What is personalization?


Facebook told to conform to EU regulations, Snapchat launches mental health feature, Amazon advertising budgets to increase, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Gmail extension shutdown, New Twitter Threads feature

This week has seen Facebook's calls for lighter regulations rebuffed by EU regulators who have told the platform it needs to fall in line. Snapchat is hoping to improve wellbeing on its platform with the introduction of a new feature. [si_blog_banner_cta] Advertisers on Amazon are set to increase budgets this year as the platform saw strong revenue growth in 2019. LinkedIn is to shut down its Sales Navigator Gmail extension in March. Finally, Twitter has introduced a new feature for Threads but people are still moaning about the lack of an 'edit' feature for tweets. We've got all the details in this week's news roundup:

EU regulators tell Facebook to conform to standards

Facebook has been told that it needs to work in-line…

Marketers too focused on transactions, Snapchat's strong Q3 results, Amazon's new News app, Twitter's poor Q3 results, New adaptive Google banner ads, Instagram testing new feature

Almost half of marketers have admitted to being too focused on getting money in the bank at the expense of building customer relationships. Snapchat reports strong Q3 results and announces a new focus on advertising buyability. Amazon is launching a new News app to compete with Google News and Apple News +. Twitter sees stocks plummet as it posts disappointing Q3 results, with targeting bugs partly to blame. Google announces new adaptive banner ads designed to improve mobile viewability. Instagram is testing a new feature that sees the accounts your following split into different categories. [si_blog_banner_cta]

43% of marketers focused on transactions rather than relationships

Almost half (43%) of marketers are focused more on ‘transactional’ relationships rather than encouraging a deeper level of engagement from their audience, according to new research. The…

Twitter's new design, Amazon anti-competition investigation, UK digital tax plans, Facebook's scam ad tool, Instagram removes like count

This week has seen Twitter launch it's new design for desktop users, with the jury still being out on how it is being received. Amazon is set to face a probe to see if it is using third-party seller data unfairly. The UK government has announced that it will push ahead with a plan to tax tech giants more going forward. Facebook has responded to a lawsuit by introducing a new tool for reporting scam ads in the UK. Finally, Instagram is testing out the removal of it's like count in six new areas. Get more detail on all of these news stories below in our latest news roundup.

Twitter updates desktop site

Twitter has updated the look of its primary desktop website in a bid to improve personalization…

As more advertisers zoom in on Amazon, the competition for consumer attention will only get stiffer but there is a strategy that can help

Amazon's 2018 Q4 report should pique brand marketers' interest: The e-retail giant reported $10 billion in ad sales in 2018. Even more interesting? The ad sales in Q4 reached a lofty $3.4 billion. Clearly, this is only the beginning of the Amazon advertising gold rush. As more advertisers zoom in on Amazon, the competition for consumer attention will only get stiffer, resulting in a higher cost per click (CPC), fewer opportunities to get in front of consumers, and more expensive campaigns. So how do brand marketers stand out in the oncoming wave? Search term isolation is the little-known strategy that's changing the way brands advertise on Amazon. By using search term isolation, brands can lower their advertising cost of scale (ACoS) while still growing sales. Focusing on…