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The increase in consumer demand for online transactions will fuel future revenue growth across all B2C transactional Ecommerce sectors from retail through financial services to travel and more.

The question for you, is how will you maintain continued growth in your online and multichannel sales as your competitors improve and online competition increases? This is where Smart Insights can help by giving you and the marketing, trading and design teams in your online business the knowledge and skills to compete.

The resources available in our Ecommerce and retail Toolkit cover all the specialist knowledge to help you Plan, Manage and Optimize your Digital Marketing.

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Use our E-commerce and retail toolkit to get the insight you need to compete online

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Our E-commerce toolkit is focussed on best practices to increase sales and profitability of transactional e-commerce sites including retail, travel and financial services.

All Smart Insights toolkits use a proven structured approach to help our members Plan, Manage and Optimize their digital marketing.

The advice in our toolkit covers the whole customer lifecycle structured around our RACE Planning framework:

  • Plan – Take our multichannel retail benchmark
  • Reach – Learn how to drive reach through paid and natural search
  • Act – Learn how to turn browsers into buyers with detailed retargeting advice
  • Convert – Our ‘Ecommerce bible’ and merchandising guide to boost conversion
  • Engage – Use social media to boost customer advocacy and new sales

PLUS, all our other toolkits cover E-commerce and retail strategy and optimization best practices include digital marketing strategy, website and experience design, paid and natural search, social media, email marketing and marketing automation and Google Analytics.

Armed with our E-commerce and Retail Digital Marketing Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning E-commerce and Retail Digital Marketing strategies.

E-commerce and Retail Digital Marketing Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • PLAN
  • Multichannel retail proposition audit and competitor benchmarking template

    About this guide

    This template is  for online retailers who want to review and improve the effectiveness of their ecommerce site capability, including how they integrate with the other channels which are part of today’s Omnichannel retail.

    Guide structure

    • Read Me worksheet with instructions on how to benchmark effectiveness
    • Proposition worksheet where you can benchmark your capability and rate your effectiveness compared to up to 3 competitors across PRACE.
    • A customer worksheet where you can vary the weighting of the importance of different PRICE factors for different Personas
    • A results worksheet using Radar charts to show the rating of the proposition compared to competitors
    • A calculations and reference data sheet – for review of how the model works, not for editing


  • Ecommerce Success Mapping

    About this guide

    This template explains the Ishikawa analytical approach to identify defects or opportunities in improving customer experience or communications across the RACE Customer lifecycle framework. We think this is particularly useful for improving results from transactional ecommerce site marketing (e.g. Retail, Travel, Financial services),  but can be applied to other types of sites and online marketing activities also.

    Template contents 

    • About the Ishikawa analysis technique
    • How to create and use marketing success maps
    • Complete one page ecommerce success map
    • 5 X 5 success factors across the RACE customer lifecycle activities
  • Google Analytics for Ecommerce template

    About this Guide

    This template acts as your structured guide based on an approach used by two Expert users of Google Analytics who have defined processes for reviewing all the opportunities to increase sales and making recommendations on where to prioritise.

    We designed this template to help give companies a structured approach to apply Google Analytics to identify ways to increase sales for Ecommerce sites. It was mainly created for use on retail sites, but it can be applied in other sectors too with a transactional site including financial services and Travel. Many of the reviews and recommendations can also be applied in businesses offering services too.

    Guide Structure

    • Analytics setup
    • Expanding Reach
    • Engaging on the Path to Purchase
    • Conversion Effectiveness
    • Loyalty – engaging for repeat purchases
    • Advocacy using content and social media
  • Advanced Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

    About this guide

    In this guide, Email Marketing Expert Kath Pay explains the key success factors that you need to review in your email communications strategy focusing on advanced techniques most relevant to transactional Ecommerce businesses and larger organisations in sectors like Retail, Financial Services and Travel.

    Guide structure 

    • Introduction
    • Lifecycle marketing
    • Segmentation and targeting
    • Optimising frequency
  • Ecommerce design pattern guide

    About this guide

    The purpose of this guide is to give you a toolkit to use to review tests to optimize existing templates, or alternatively, as a blueprint that can be adapted when you are planning a site redesign.

    Guide structure 

    • Introduction
    • Template 1: Home page
    • Template 2: Category page
    • Template 3: Product list page
    • Template 4: Product details page
    • Template 5: Basket
    • Template 6: Search results page
    • Template 7: Checkout funnel
    • Key design featuers for retail sites
  • Online Retail Merchandising guide

    About this guide

    This 275 page template is a comprehensive reference to merchandising best practices across all parts of the retail buyer journey and gives great tips along the way to improve your customer’s experience and make them more likely to buy. Recommendations are illustrated by examples from leading retailers including, B&Q, Asos and more, in both desktop and mobile viewss.

    Guide structure

    • Introduction
    • Merchandising options: Thumbnails, Images, Product data, Search, Taxonomy and more
    • Practice: Telling stories, Measuring Success
    • Buyer Journey: Browse, Research, Investigate, Buy, Replenish
  • E-commerce statistics benchmark

    Our E-commerce statistics resource provides the latest statistics on customer adoption, and stats that can be used for benchmarking, including conversion statistics and much more.

    What is the aim of this resource?

    The aim of our statistics compilations is to help you take the right decisions and make the case for investment in E-commerce and digital marketing, whether it’s improvements to your platforms or to help inform which marketing techniques to prioritise.

    The purpose of this benchmarks compilation is to help businesses compare their performance to answer questions like “How do we compare?”, “What does good look like?” and “What is the gap, the potential for improving results?” for different channels and platforms.

    We aim to compile and regularly update the latest, most useful adoption and benchmarking statistics from the best sources clearly showing the research source and sample.

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