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Examples of how website designs must be optimized to support the way we hold and interact with smartphones

Our compilation of statistics showing the growth in smartphone usage highlights the well-known need to create effective mobile experiences. With mobile minutes accounting for more than two-thirds of online interactions in many countries, there is an obvious need to optimize designs so they are consistent with consumer behaviour as they use their phones. This need is also suggested by statistics showing lower conversion rates on smartphone (they’re typically between one half and one third of those on desktop).

Consumer behaviour of mobile interaction

I was recently running a training course looking at improving mobile customer journeys and experiences where our focus was on Millennial and Gen Z personas. I discovered this great new-to-me research on mobile interaction based on how a phone is held and interactions occur with a mobile handset using fingers…

Consumer brand marketing made creative by Honda

We look back to 2003 and Honda were struggling to make a sustainable impact in the European markets so turned to brand marketing . They had seen a decline in sales since 1998 and their 2nd position to Toyota had been lost to Nissan. Japanese car placement in the European market was essential, and Honda needed to make a bigger splash with a smaller pebble. [si_guide_block id="5676" title="Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing plan template" description="Our popular marketing planning template built on the Smart Insights RACE planning system."/]

The Play

In 2001 that Wieden+Kennedy proposed to Honda a new advertising strategy based on the company's Japanese motto, "Yume No Chikara" ("Power of Dreams"). The stated goal of the campaign was to increase Honda's share of the UK market to five percent within three years and to change…

The brand marketing campaign that defined Nike

Nike has done it again. They've turned heads, they've shown their brand mentality and they have got people talking about them. This week they celebrated the 30 year anniversary of their "Just Do it." slogan. They had bags of content that they could've used for it, not to mention sports stars. Nike for the first time have stepped into the social arena of current events and made Colin Kaepernick, the outed NFL Quaterback who knelt during the national anthem, the face of the campaign. This is an amazingly bold move from Nike as even President Trump stood against it along with Kaepernick's team and the NFL themselves. It came to light that Nike had not dropped him from their books and in fact went into talks to make him the face of the anniversary. They even aired the advert at half time in the first game…

Absolut vodka and their marketing campaign have stood the test of time

Sometimes a simple marketing campaign can far outshine a complicated and expensive one. This is the same for more than just marketing campaigns and usually is true across a lot of things in life in general. Simple and effective is more often than not the way to go. Let us see how Absolut vodka did that. [si_guide_block id="29978" title="Download FREE Resource – Essential marketing models" description="15 classic planning tools to inform strategy development."/]

The history

Absolut as a company was founded in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith and is produced in Åhus, Sweden. He challenged, and beat, the city of Stockholm's liquor marketing monopoly with his vodka. He sold it just outside the city border at a lower price than the monopoly's product. Smith even offered free boat rides to the distillery and "Rent Brännvin"…

Is RedBull Stratos the best brand marketing campaign ever?

When it comes to brand marketing campaigns, one of the greatest ever isn't even a campaign at all. RedBull once again raised the bar as we look back to 2012 to marvel at the "Stratos" project. The energy drink giant captured the attention and imagination of the entire world. Let's dive into how this project changed the landscape of brand marketing forever. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes guide" description="Our actionable guide to avoiding common social media marketing mistakes to help you avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience."/]

The history

Many may not know that RedBull is actually a company with Thai origins. Founded by Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz who was inspired by a Thai energy drink named Krating Daeng. It was started in 1987 in Thailand and…

Examples showing why the 'Thank you Mom' campaigns are so effective

Procter & Gamble Co.’s “Thank You, Mom" campaign is the first of our new series of pieces celebrating the most influential campaigns, both past and present. In this case, we are looking back to 2010 when the start of heartstring plucking ads came out ahead of the Winter Olympics. [si_guide_block id="74955" title="Download FREE Resource – Agency digital marketing services – the top 10 mistakes to avoid" description="The 10 most common mistakes made by marketing agency owners when offering new digital services."/]

The history

Toward the end of Chairman-CEO A.G. Lafley’s first term in 2009, P&G learned that it had the chance to sign a sweeping sponsorship deal with the U.S. Olympic Committee for the 2010 Winter Games. Rival Johnson & Johnson had locked up much of the sponsorship opportunities in prior years. But P&G had to act fast,…

Chart of the day: Awareness of FIFA World Cup 2018 named partners and sponsors

With the World Cup fully underway there is no doubt that it is amongst the largest platforms for brands to present themselves. The final of 2014 alone had 3.2 billion viewers tune in, which was just under half the population of the entire planet. To big business that means dollar signs and they will stop at nothing to make sure their brand is in front of those numerous viewers. This means that the sponsorship and partner slots are seen as extremely lucrative, but how many people know the brands they are being bombarded with? This chart of the day tells us the awareness of the main sponsors and partners. This research from Marketing Charts and Ipsos gives a great insight into how well these brands are known by the football lovers.…

Chart of the Day: Research from Nielsen shows the popularity of Consumer Packaged Goods categories via Ecommerce

Fast moving packaged consumer goods (FMCG) aren't the most obvious types of products to buy online. In the early days of Ecommerce categories such as books, videos, fashion and electronic retail dominated. Yet this has changed. This new research shows how, particularly in some categories, a high proportion of some FMCG. The chart shows how over 40% of consumers in the US have ever purchased online in categories such as Health, Personal Care, Household products and Pet Care. Even in the last three months, the figure is more than 30% suggesting a significant number of consumers are regularly buying in this category. Although such non-food FMCG are popular when you look at food products such as fresh and frozen the figures are a lot lower - at the…

Our summary of sessions from #Effweek: Using a more insight-driven approach for marketing

This week I attended the main session of the IPA-arranged #Effweek, which is aimed at sharing best practices on improving marketing effectiveness. In this article I'll cover the main themes, report on the new effectiveness research unveiled at the event and give examples from FMCG brands, financial services and telecoms of how effectiveness is managed. The theme of the conference was how to use evidence-based decision-making in our marketing investments to improve value for our customers and business outcomes, particularly for media investments. Now in its second year, the conference theme was closely linked to what we aim to support marketers in achieving through Smart Insights, i.e. harnessing marketing insight to make better decisions by moving from reporting to learning, which is nicely summarised by this Insight-driven marketing visual from the Marketing…

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