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Take a more strategic approach to customer acquisition, conversion and retention communications with our Lifecycle marketing toolkit

Businesses that use a reactive, tactical approach to digital marketing communications may get some success thanks to the power of digital channels like search, social media and email marketing. But to scale your reach, maximise conversion and loyalty you need a more strategic approach integrating communications from different channels. Our lifecycle marketing resources will help you follow this more joined-up approach.

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Review and create plans for customer acquisition, conversion and retention using our Multichannel Lifecycle Toolkit

Our Smart Insights Business membership offers you detailed guides and templates to help you create integrated plans

Acquisition, conversion and retention are the lifeblood of most businesses, so, in larger businesses they warrant a planned, insight-driven process to make them as effective as possible. Yet often, they don’t get the attention that they deserve if marketers are too involved with the tactical details of individual channels.

Our lifecycle marketing toolkit gives you structured guides and templates focusing specifically on acquisition, conversion or retention so that members can drill-down to create an effective comms plan focusing on just one of these activities.

In our lifecycle marketing toolkit advice includes:

  • How to create a customer acquisition plan and conversion-based budget
  • How to set up a structured testing programme for conversion rate optimization
  • How to create a customer retention plan
  • How to use advanced email marketing techniques such as onboarding and engagement

Armed with our Multichannel lifecycle marketing Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Multichannel lifecycle marketing strategies.

Multichannel lifecycle marketing Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • Plan
  • Online Customer Acquisition Plan guide

    About this guide

    The guide features a structured approach to creating an online acquisition plan by reviewing current performance; defining the right KPIs to control acquisition; creating a media and content engagement strategy; creating a zero-based budget model and reviewing attribution and tracking.

    Guide structure

    • Step 1: Review current acquisition effectiveness
    • Step 2: Set targets, objectives and KPIs
    • step 3: Acquisition strategy for audience targeting, customer journey and value propositions
    • Step 4: Acquisition strategy for media and content
    • Step 5: Model results and create acquisition budget
    • Step 6: Implement and manage acquisition media and content plan
    • Step 6: Optimize performance and review tracking
  • Customer Retention Planning Guide

    About this guide

    In this guide E-CRM specialist Andrew Campbell explains how to create a customer retention strategy using a range of frameworks and examples.

    Guide structure

    • Step 1: Review effectiveness of current retention programme
    • Step 2: Define customer retention strategy
    • Step 3: Design customer communications programmes
    • Step 4: Deliver personalised experiences
    • Step 5: Deliver seamless, multichannel experiences
    • Step 6: Unlock the power of content
    • Step 7:  Align organisation and technology
  • Digital Marketing Goal Setting, Evaluation and Optimization Guide

    About this guide

    This guide is devoted to goal setting and getting results for digital marketing, because we believe it’s essential to getting the most from digital channels. Without goals you’re directionless and a lot less likely to achieve commercial success.

    Guide structure

    • Step 1: Review your top level goals
    • Step 2: Define your vision for digital
    • Step 3: Align business and SMART digital objectives
    • Step 4: Create a conversion model
    • Step 5: Define performance dashboards
    • Step 6: Setup tracking and evaluation
    • Step 7: Optimize your performance
  • Manage
  • Online customer acquisition budget spreadsheet

    About this guide

    This spreadsheet is intended for use alongside our online acquisition strategy guide. It’s designed to enable medium and larger businesses create a zero-based budget allocating media spend across the main digital marketing channels. It’s allows a different spend to be allocated and reviewed against target each month.

    Guide structure

    • Stage 1: Enter revenue targets to calculate traffic and conversion targets
    • Stage 2: Build an online marketing plan
    • Stage 3: Build your budget
    • Stage 4: Map channel targets against last year’s month by month performance
  • Managing Customer Data to Improve Marketing ROI

    About this guide

    This guide gives a practical structure to help you review and improve how data is managed in your organisation. A data quality audit spreadsheet is included within the guide to help you review where you need to improve your data management.

    Guide structure

    • Introduction to data management and data governance and the audit spreadsheet
    • Step 1: Discover your data sources
    • Step 2: Understand data value
    • Step 3: Increasing data quality including the relevance of Big Data
    • Step 4: Data security
    • Step 5: Data policy
    • Step 6: Communicate the value of data
    • Step 7: Plan the delivery of data management and governance.
  • Optimise
  • Growth Hacking Guide

    About this guide 

    The growth hacking approach (also referred to as ‘agile marketing’ and ‘growth marketing’) is used to boost awareness, lead generation and conversion. Although the term ‘hacking’ has technology connotations, more traditional companies such as The Metro, Regus, Penguin Books are also using the principles of growth hacking. This indicates that the concept is not just relevant to technology start-ups and this movement has wider implications. Think of it as ‘digital disruption impacting marketing’ since technology is the enabler for marketers to understand and respond to user behaviour more rapidly.

    What does this guide contain? 

    • An overview of what growth hacking is (including new frameworks such as the 5 pillars of growth hacking based on research by the author that have never been published before)
    • A practical, step-by-step guide on how to growth hack
    • Growth hacking case studies including agile development using Scrum and Real-Time Marketing
    • Practical tools and technologies to help you effectively growth hack your way to increased sales


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation Briefing

    About this guide

    With this guide we’re looking to help more businesses to step up their testing activities and at higher capability levels, develop more sophisticated continuous optimisation programs.

    Guide structure

    • A practical introduction to Split testing
    • A maturity model for you to assess website optimisation from Optimisation
    • Setting up an optimisation process and the pitfalls to avoid
    • Running and managing tests
    • Recommendations on free and paid atnalysis tools for each step of the process.
  • Email Marketing Reengagement and Reactivation Guide

    The aim of the guide is to help marketers who are engaged in email marketing campaigns to tackle the issue of inactive email subscribers. Inactive email subscribers don’t have to be lost opportunities and there are ways to reengage those users and potentially turn them into paying customers or clients.

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