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Marketers love the potential power of Content Marketing! When you get it right, Content Marketing fuels many of the inbound marketing techniques like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, 'lead magnets' for site registration and triggered email sequences.

In our recent research survey of content marketers, with HubSpot, Content Marketing was the top-rated as the technique to drive incremental sales.

The results you can get with Content Marketing are not a secret. Many marketers are making content marketing work for them. Yet to do this is far from simple. It takes good quality planning and regular action to create and distribute content that builds brand awareness, familiarity and purchase intent.

A weak process will gives you “me too” content. To succeed with content marketing you need a strategic approach with a solid plan, content calendars and outreach to create unique, highly shareable, valuable content.

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Create a winning Content Marketing strategy

Our comprehensive Content Marketing toolkit, trusted by thousands of marketers and companies of all sizes and in over 170 countries, gives you everything you need to create, launch and refine a winning strategy. All in one, easy to access place.

Use our toolkit to help you achieve these 10 essential content marketing goals

  • 1. Create outstanding, engaging shareable content.
  • 2. Make your content visible on the first page in Google using SEO.
  • 3. Research which content your audience personas need and will share
  • 4. Use content to convert to lead and sale.
  • 5. Get creative to find the content that resonates with your audience.
  • 6. Create the best quality creative and formats.
  • 7. Plan an editorial calendar.
  • 8. Plan integrated content distribution campaigns across paid, owned and earned media.
  • 9. Outreach to influencers and partners to increase sharing of content.
  • 10. Evaluate Content ROI using analytics and research.
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Armed with our Content Marketing Toolkit, the world's top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Content Marketing strategies.

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