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Marketers love the potential power of Content Marketing! When you get it right, Content Marketing fuels many of the inbound marketing techniques like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, 'lead magnets' for site registration and triggered email sequences.

In our recent research survey of content marketers, with HubSpot, Content Marketing was the top-rated as the technique to drive incremental sales.

The results you can get with Content Marketing are not a secret. Many marketers are making content marketing work for them. Yet to do this is far from simple. It takes good quality planning and regular action to create and distribute content that builds brand awareness, familiarity and purchase intent.

A weak process will gives you “me too” content. To succeed with content marketing you need a strategic approach with a solid plan, content calendars and outreach to create unique, highly shareable, valuable content.

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Use our toolkit to help you achieve these 10 essential content marketing goals

  • 1. Create outstanding, engaging shareable content.
  • 2. Make your content visible on the first page in Google using SEO.
  • 3. Research which content your audience personas need and will share
  • 4. Use content to convert to lead and sale.
  • 5. Get creative to find the content that resonates with your audience.
  • 6. Create the best quality creative and formats.
  • 7. Plan an editorial calendar.
  • 8. Plan integrated content distribution campaigns across paid, owned and earned media.
  • 9. Outreach to influencers and partners to increase sharing of content.
  • 10. Evaluate Content ROI using analytics and research.

Armed with our Content Marketing Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Content Marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • Content strategy
  • Content marketing strategy guide

    About this Guide

    We believe creating engaging content is one of the most powerful online marketing techniques available today, it underpins many of your online marketing efforts including SEO, Paid search marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing and Conversion rate optimisation.

    This guide shows you both how to develop a strategy to deploy content across all your online marketing and gives practical tips to make it happen.

    Guide Structure

    • ONE. Content Marketing capability audit and setting goals
    • TWO. Define audiences and personas
    • THREE. Create your content marketing strategy
    • FOUR. Editorial management
    • FIVE. Create compelling content for your content hub
    • SIX. Content distribution
    • SEVEN. Evaluate and measure ROI
  • Content management
  • Influencer outreach guide

    About the guide

    Engaging influencers is now a key marketing tactic to expand your reach and awareness through integrating with your content marketing, social media and SEO activities.

    This practical guide shows you how to use tools to find and interact with influencers on the best social media platforms for outreach, that’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It also advises on Google+.

    Guide Structure

    • Different types of influencers
    • How to identify and monitor influencers using Twitter and LinkedIn
    • Tools for researching and monitoring influencers
    • Engaging with influencers and converting them into brand advocates
    • Other social networks
    • Planning content updates to influencers
    • Case studies
  • Managing Content Marketing Checklist

    About this guide

    In our research, our members tell us that they love the comprehensive explanations and recommendations in the 7 Steps to Success guides in our channel toolkits. But they also say that shorter checklists to help them review and plan their tactics better would be useful too. These are our ‘Fast Starts’, aimed at helping you rapidly create a plan.

    This guide from Dave Chaffey is a Fast Start checklist of 22 factors to manage for better results from content marketing which fuels SEO, Social media marketing and conversion

    What does this guide contain?

    Use this 8 page checklist to review the main things you need to work on to improve your content marketing. It’s structured around 3 areas with creating a content marketing strategy:

    • Opportunity. Review current use of content marketing and set goals.
    • Strategy. Creating a content marketing strategy is key to success.
    • Action. Schedule creation and distribution of content.
  • Content scheduling
  • Editorial calendar spreadsheet

    About this guide

    This template will give you more control over your content marketing approach to help provide consistency and quality in your content and align the team. It Gives you a framework and process to plan and manage the creation of content.

    Guide Structure

    • Operational calendar
    • Timeline calendar
    • Content themes calendar
  • Content evaluation
  • Evaluating Content Marketing ROI Guide

    About the Guide

    According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), which publishes a yearly summary on the state of content marketing, as many as 90% of marketers are experimenting with content marketing, yet fewer than 50 per cent of marketers feel confident in the effectiveness of their content marketing.

    This guide is aimed at helping you improve your confidence in the value of content marketing by stepping you through a range of techniques to help marketers evaluate and prove their content effectiveness. These techniques will help you to prove to your colleagues or clients which content types and distribution techniques are most effective.

    Guide Structure

    • An introduction to ROI calculation.
    • Setting content goals and metrics.
    • Calculating the cost of content.
    • Calculating Content ROI.
    • Content marketing analysis and reporting techniques
  • Copywriting
  • Online copywriting course

    About the Guide

    Learn concepts, tips and tricks at your desk to make your online copy work harder. This practical course will help you improve all aspects of online copy from web to social media to email marketing.

    Your tutor for this course is Mark Brownlow,  who is the Smart Insights Expert commentator on Email marketing who is actively involved in creating copy for clients.

    Guide Structure

    • Introduction: This module will help you understand the core principles of effective online copywriting.
    • How to structure content for impact and attention: Covers the inverted pyramid, the benefits of short vs long copy, headlines, text structure and highlighting.
    • Product and service descriptions: Examples and tips for making your products seem indispensable.
    • Improving your Calls-to-Action: The what, why and how for effective CTAs.
    • Improving short-form content: Improving short-form updates with a special focus on Twitter social media updates.
    • Copywriting for Email marketing: Writing emails that gets opens and clicks.

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