Facebook launches new influencer tools, US states launch Google probe, programmatic advertising revenue growth and Google's expanded advert options

Facebook is aiming to make its platform better for influencers and public figures with the release of new tools that could help them find new audiences. 48 out of 50 US states have joined together to launch a probe into Google's advertising dominance in a bid to stamp down on anti-competitor behaviour. Programmatic advertising revenues in Europe saw a huge 33% increase in 2018, with display and video ads seeing good growth. Google has expanded existing digital advertising options for more campaign types to allow for great flexibility for advertisers. Get all the details on these stories with this week's news roundup.

Facebook launches new public figure tools

Facebook has launched new tools aimed at public figures in a bid to help influencers…

UK desktop ad viewability improvements, Google's first-price auction rollout, Facebook's political ad policies changes, YouTube's inappropriate content removal update

This week has brought with it the news that the UK is seeing great rates of desktop ad viewability, with viewability reaching a record high in the second quarter of the year - great news for digital advertisers! In other advertising news, after months of testing, Google is set to start rolling out its new first-price auction rollout, which has reportedly had good results so far. Facebook is also making changes to ad policies, this time relating to political ads and those that tackle social issues. These changes are aimed to provide greater visibility over political advertising ahead of the 2020 US elections. Our final big news story is the week is that YouTube has provided an update on its efforts to remove inappropriate content from the platform, with thousands of hate speech videos being…

A scientific approach to writing paid search ads can be beneficial to creating effective ads

The ever-changing parameters of search engine marketing are no secret. It can be time-consuming to keep up with the latest trends in the industry, making it important to be efficient while writing quality and catchy ads. A scientific approach to writing paid search ads can be beneficial to creating effective ads for yours or your client's site. Below I explain the steps to take to follow a scientific approach for PPC. [si_guide_block id="71497" title="Download our Free Resource – Google Analytics Fast Start - 10 mistakes to avoid" description="This Free guide brings together a series of common mistakes that we have seen made by both experienced and new Google Analytics alike, grouped into 10 easily identifiable areas."/]

Use science when in a situation of uncertainty

Conversion optimization is what inspires advertisers. Before creating a PPC ad that brings your target…

The successful launch of a new mobile app ad campaign requires a targeted UAC approach

When launching a new mobile app, you may not have an advertising account history to leverage or a customer list to create a lookalike audience from on Facebook and Google UAC. This makes a successful ad campaign launch difficult since most user acquisition resources you read assume you will have those two items to work off of. But, since your user lists and advertising accounts are brand new, you have to start from scratch to acquire app users. [si_guide_block id="100244" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Product launch playbook" description="This playbook will guide you through the process of how to successfully launch your product online."/] Below, we outline the user acquisition process that will lead to the successful launch of a new app campaign.

Perform a competitive analysis

It’s quite easy to run a competitive analysis on Facebook. Start by making…

Google's latest EU regulator fine, Facebook removing millions of videos showing New Zealand terrorist attack, NZ advertisers pulling Google and Facebook following shooting, Instagram's in-app checkout launches in the US and LinkedIn's new advertising features

Read more about some of the biggest and most important stories in the marketing and advertising industries with our latest news roundup. This week, we look at Google's latest fine from the European Commission, the backlash following videos of the shooting in New Zealand being uploaded to Facebook and other platforms, Instagram's latest shopping feature and how LinkedIn is aiming to make life easier for advertisers on the platform.

Google hit by €1.49 billion AdSense fine

Google has been fined €1.5 billion by European regulators for blocking other online search advertisers. The European Commission (EC) accused Google of stopping the placement of rival’s ads in certain spots, effectively breaking EU…

Facebook called "digital gangsters" by UK government, Google rolling out click share for Search campaigns, big brands pull out of YouTube advertising, Marketing skills gap increasing and Ikea announces new sustainable store opening with water-cleaning bath boats

A new parliamentary report has found that Facebook has broken regulations and has called on the UK government to do more to bring it and similar sights under regulatory control. Google has started rolling out click share for Search campaigns, giving you more insights into the success of your text ads. A number of big brands have reportedly pulled out of advertising deals with YouTube after concerns were raised that paedophiles are using the platform to create communities. The marketing skills gap seems to be increasing, despite investment in training. Ikea is advertising the launch of its new sustainable Greenwich store with life-size bath boats that are helping to clean up London's waterways. Find out more about these stories…

Most valuable brands across the globe showcased in a new infographic, Facebook has been blocked from using data from other sources in Germany, China stops beauty products making medical claims in advertising and Amazon posts positive fourth-quarter ad revenue results

A new infographic has showcased the most valuable brands in many of the countries across the world, showcasing some stark differences in overall value between different countries. This week, Germany has also made a landmark ruling that will limit the types of data that Facebook can collect and assign to indvidual users, which has got the platform up in arms. China is bringing its beauty advertising more in-line with the rest of the world by banning brands from making medical claims when it comes to their cosmetic products. Amazon has reported some seriously strong growth in terms of ad revenue, taking some of the market away from Google. Find out more on each of these…

Chart of the week: People are happy to trust a paid ad if it seems to provide the answer they are looking for

A third (33%) of people will click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their search query. According to new research by Clutch, people are happy to trust a paid ad if it seems to provide the answer they are looking for, showing that addressing popular search intent with your paid ads could pay off.

Why do people click on paid ads?

Some 26% are likely to click on a paid search ad because it mentions a brand they are familiar with. This implies that brand trust is almost as important as whether an ad is answering the search query, as users are expecting that brand to provide the answer they…

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