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Shoppable marketing

In order to grow your e-commerce sales, you need a strategy in place to help promote an increase in conversions

E-commerce will continue to grow in 2020. In fact, Statista has predicted that retail e-commerce sales will hit $4.2 trillion in 2020, up from $3.5 trillion in 2019. If you're serious about your e-commerce business, then you're probably already plotting how to get your maximum share of that pie. But growing sales actually goes beyond wishing. You need a sound strategy you can implement to produce results. [si_guide_block id="81741" title="Download our Business Resource – Retail e-commerce marketing trends" description="This guide is designed to assist you with your e-commerce marketing efforts, whilst providing you with practical advice and context to the current marketplace, with relevant statistics and various examples to inspire you."/] Which marketing strategies will put you ahead of the competition this year? In this blog post, we'll be discussing six…

Three areas of focus to make shoppable marketing work for you and your brand

As recently highlighted in Smart Insights’ top ecommerce trends briefing, 2017 will see a number of really interesting developments, from subscription-based business models to the growth of artificial intelligence and chatbots. However, one trend that caught my attention was the prediction that shoppable personalised video will break through as technology and programmatic capabilities advance: The concept of ‘shoppable marketing’ is something I’ve been looking at more closely recently as I investigate new ways to combine ecommerce and digital marketing and create more compelling customer experiences. With more people than ever having access to broadband and smartphones - spending more time online, the rise in online shopping means there are more opportunities to capture customers in the moments that matter.

Defining the shoppable marketing touchpoints

Many brands spend a great…