Google highlights competition over digital ad monopoly claims, YouTube removes paid ad views from Music Chart counts, Client-side marketing and media professionals have declining trust in agencies, Facebook launching oversite board, Instagram cosmetic surgery post restrictions

Google has sought to fight off claims that it is dominating the digital advertising industry by pointing to other companies in a bid to prove competition, but is this entirely accurate? YouTube is removing paid ad views from Music Chart videos to focus on organic views only and provide a more honest reflection of artists' popularity. New research has found that trust in agencies is declining among client-side media and marketing professionals with the increasingly complex media landscape likely being a contributing factor. Facebook is set to launch an oversight board in 2020, which will review and potentially overrule the platform's decisions on content. Finally, Instagram is continuing its work toward reducing the negative impacts that social media can…

Omnichannel is the preferred marketing method, Facebook sees app usage decline, Instagram testing new Stories notification list, Pinterest launches Mobile Ad Tools and Facebook reaches $5 billion data privacy agreement

Facebook has had a bit of a busy week, with internal research looking at its app's decline going public and the $5 billion US Justice Department fine being confirmed. On top of this, the platform has also agreed to a raft of new data privacy measures with the FTC. In other news, research has revealed that consumers from all generations prefer an omnichannel experience rather than just a traditional or purely digital approach. Instagram is reportedly testing a new type of notification list for Stories, which could be a sign that new features are on the horizon. Pinterest has also launched new features, with its latest ad tools allowing brands to create advertising campaigns on the go via mobile devices for the first time. Read…

Facebook faces data transfer challenge, British Airways fined for GDPR breach, Facebook is reducing reach of exaggerated health claims and Instagram launching anti-bullying tools

This week has seen Facebook facing another challenge over its users' data and GDPR implications relating to its transfer of data to US servers. British Airways has also received a historic fine following a hack that breach GDPR rules. In more Facebook news, the platform is limiting the reach of ads that feature unsubstantiated health claims. Finally, Instagram is launching new anti-bullying measures in an attempt to make the platform safer. Find out more about these new stories in this week's news roundup below.  

Facebook faces data transfer challenge

Facebook is being challenged over its method of transferring data from the EU to the US for business purposes. According to the Irish data protection commissioner, the way in which data is transferred does…

Facebook and Instagram are powerful platforms, but you need to make sure you are using them in the right way and at the right time

Social media has proven to be a really effective marketing platform for all sorts of businesses. Facebook and Instagram are hands down the top-picks amongst them, and here's why. Facebook enjoys over 1.4 billion active daily users and 500,000 more are added each day. Aside from serving as one of the top marketing tools for B2C businesses, it equally offers B2B marketers a great choice with its 'Page' and 'Group' features. Instagram, on the other hand, is emerging as a global marketing tool for B2C businesses. The latest statistics from Omnicore show that Instagram has inspired 72% of users to buy something they saw on the app. Nevertheless, it takes more than pure statistics for these two platforms to effectively impact your company.…

The latest on Google's June 2019 core update, Instagram's Paid Partnerships, the rise in digital ad fraud, junk food ads aimed at children banned, Google faces DOJ investigation

The big news this week is the rollout of Google's latest core algorithm update, which started on June 3rd and (as of today) is still ongoing. We've taken a look at what the industry knows about the effects so far. In good news for brands who work with influencers, Instagram is making it easier than ever to use their content. The social media platform has announced a new tool that could benefit both influencers and brands. A new report has suggested that ad fraud could result in costs of up to $30 billion this year, which will likely be put on the shoulders of smaller companies. The ASA has announced that eight well-known food brands had ads banned from Google after they were shown alongside content…

Google search results update, LinkedIn's ad tab, Instagram data breach, digital ad complaint increase and Pinterest does Pride Month

This week has seen a few interesting announcements, including the fact that Google is updating how its search results look, impacting the way paid results are showcased. LinkedIn has announced that it is aiming to improve transparency with a new ad tab for company pages while Facebook is investigating a possible Instagram data breach. On top of this, the ASA has released data on advert complaints, showing that complaints about digital ads now outpace those about TV adverts. Finally, Pinterest has revealed some interesting data around Pride Month, as well as some new features to help celebrate it. Find out more about these stories with our latest news roundup.  

Google updates mobile search results

Google is updating the way its search listings look,…

Instagram to stop recommending 'borderline' content, the UK government is proposing new rules for social media companies, Amazon Alexa conversations being listened to by people, Netflix is testing new subscriptions in India and Lego named as the UK's favourite brand

A big focus this week across the board is social media and the spread of harmful content. Instagram has announced that it is set to stop recommending 'borderline' content that isn't quite breaking its rules but could be seen as potentially harmful. On top of this, the UK government is seeking to make social media in the country as safe as possible with proposed new regulations and sanctions for platforms failing to ensure users' safety. In other news, Amazon has admitted that some recorded Alexa conversations are listened to by people, raising security concerns. Netflix is seeking to grow its market share in India by offering new subscription services in the country, including weekly subscriptions. Finally,…

Instagram trailling new video trackbar, Facebook banning white nationalism on its platforms, LinkedIn's new partnership with Adobe, Twitter highlighting politician's tweets that break community standards, Facebook's clamp down on political advertisers and online video subscriptions outstripping cable customers

This week has seen most of the big social media platforms release new features or make policy changes. Facebook has banned content, searches and groups related to white nationalism and is also launching new requirements for political advertisers in a bid to make political ads more transparent. Twitter is looking into ways of flagging tweets from politicians and public figures - including President Trump - that break community standards but shouldn't be deleted as they are in the public interest. LinkedIn announced its new partnership with Adobe, which is aimed at offering better ad targeting on the platform. In simpler news, Instagram seems to be trialling a new trackbar so users can skip through videos. Other news this…

Google's latest EU regulator fine, Facebook removing millions of videos showing New Zealand terrorist attack, NZ advertisers pulling Google and Facebook following shooting, Instagram's in-app checkout launches in the US and LinkedIn's new advertising features

Read more about some of the biggest and most important stories in the marketing and advertising industries with our latest news roundup. This week, we look at Google's latest fine from the European Commission, the backlash following videos of the shooting in New Zealand being uploaded to Facebook and other platforms, Instagram's latest shopping feature and how LinkedIn is aiming to make life easier for advertisers on the platform.

Google hit by €1.49 billion AdSense fine

Google has been fined €1.5 billion by European regulators for blocking other online search advertisers. The European Commission (EC) accused Google of stopping the placement of rival’s ads in certain spots, effectively breaking EU…

Twitter has made some small tweaks to its platform, The CAP has announced new gambling ad rules, Google showcases plans for US location expansion and Instagram investigates bug that caused follower counts to fall

There are no big platform changes to unpick this week, although Twitter has announced three tiny changes to its platform, one to create clarity, another to make it easier to view profiles and the third is especially for Valentine's Day. New gambling advertisement rules will come into play in April that are aimed at reducing the effect that such ads have on those under the age of 18. As well as affecting where and when bookmakers can advertise, the rules will also impact who can feature in their ads. Google has announced its latest $13 billion expansion plans that will see it set up locations in a range of new states, helping to create thousands of construction jobs. Finally, Instagram…

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