Mobile CRO techniques

Examples of how website designs must be optimized to support the way we hold and interact with smartphones

Our compilation of statistics showing the growth in smartphone usage highlights the well-known need to create effective mobile experiences. With mobile minutes accounting for more than two-thirds of online interactions in many countries, there is an obvious need to optimize designs so they are consistent with consumer behaviour as they use their phones. This need is also suggested by statistics showing lower conversion rates on smartphone (they’re typically between one half and one third of those on desktop).

Consumer behaviour of mobile interaction

I was recently running a training course looking at improving mobile customer journeys and experiences where our focus was on Millennial and Gen Z personas. I discovered this great new-to-me research on mobile interaction based on how a phone is held and interactions occur with a mobile handset using fingers…

Chart of the day: Research by Google reveals why it's so important your mobile website has good user experience

Mobile experience directly affects conversions and whether users will purchase again.

Users who have a bad mobile user experience are 60% less likely to revisit and purchase from that brand in future. In addition, 90% of users who report having a good experience would purchase from the brand again. It isn't a "chart" as such, but as you can see from the graphics from Google below, those users who had an interruptive experience, which wasn't fast or smooth (in terms of load times etc) are less likely to purchase from that brand in future.

What do users need?

They need speed…

How to focus your efforts to improve mobile conversion performance by using the full range of mobile user research techniques and tools

For the past few years in the digital industry every year has talked about as ‘the year of mobile’. Despite this, many digital marketeers are still focusing CRO activity on desktop and leaving mobile devices as an afterthought. Latest stats show that mobile continues to be a growth platform for people accessing websites, and that those people are getting more comfortable using their phones for buying online. As shown on Smart Insights last year, mobile traffic overtook desktop as mobile phone use continued to rise at a staggering rate. Stats from the same report also show that desktop users are around three times more likely to convert than those visiting a site from a smartphone; showing that there’s a lot of potential for improvement for mobile conversion rates. This …