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Optimize your technology business' approach to marketing through opportunity, strategy, and action. Now's the time to truly master omnichannel marketing for tech companies with our dedicated framework for growth

What is the secret of marketing for tech companies? As a popular topic amongst marketers of all backgrounds - this growing sector merits its own discussion. How do you budget marketing for IT/high tech companies? What are the most reliable growth hacks for startups? How can IT and technology marketers stand out to win more high-value customers in an increasingly saturated digital landscape? Starting 2021 valued at $1.6 trillion, the explosive US tech sector is expected to reach a $5 trillion market value by the end of 2021. This is just one indicator of the global developments in the IT and high-tech industries in the last 18 months. But it's not just the USA. In fact, between them, the US…

Today, tech marketers and managers advocate for IT and high tech both internally in their businesses and externally to their target markets. We've got the marketing tools and training you need.

Looking to strengthen your technology company's marketing strategy? As marketers, we are all striving to apply data and customer insights to our marketing activities. But in the IT and high tech sector, with competition at an all-time high, this approach is absolutely critical. Our tried and tested tech marketing solutions support IT and high tech marketing professionals to plan, manage, and optimize their marketing strategy, and win more customers.

Why invest in strategic marketing for your tech company?

If you haven't already got an omnichannel marketing strategy in place, now is the time to develop your marketing to compete in the competitive, growing, IT and high tech marketplace. As McKinsey found in their UK B2B COVID-19 survey, the technology, media…

Grow your IT/high tech business by applying the latest industry strategies for technology product marketing across the product lifecycle

What is product marketing?

Product marketing describes the management of all processes involved in taking a product to market. This field of marketing involves working with R&D, manufacturing, logistics, comms, and sales. Since your role is so closely tied to the products in your category, product marketers take the role of advocating for the customer when product-related decisions are made (positioning, launch, development, etc). In this blog, we will explore what makes technology product marketing different.

What is technology product marketing?

Technology product marketing refers to product marketing when your products are IT/high tech. Typically sold in a B2B environment, technology product marketing is renowned for extended stakeholder relations and, currently, an increasingly competitive market. Of course, the nature of IT/high tech means many technology products will be software. The growing Software as a Service…

There is a big opportunity to gather valuable data, but having data sitting in a database isn’t enough.

The future of customer marketing is data. Brands say they want to “be more data-driven” and level up their marketing. There is a big opportunity to gather valuable data, but having data sitting in a database isn’t enough. Only by refining the process of data activation can brands improve conversions, promote loyalty and increase repeat purchases. Data activation is a part of our new business reality, and with advances in marketing intelligence and AI, all the steps in what we call the data value chain are built on top of technology. This means that your Martech stack can push you forward or hold you back. [si_guide_block id="87688" title="Download our Business Resource – Marketing technology selection guide" description="This guide will help you harness the power of available digital tools.”/] In a world where your marketing results are directly…