Chinese social media is way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to integrating customer experience in the funnel

The constant supply of new innovations in Chinese social media has not stopped in 2021. Many Chinese social media apps now double as payment solutions, so consumers can seamlessly move between their social media streams and make purchases without leaving the app. Fast technology and a strong customer focus have shaped the social landscape in China. It’s only a matter of time before the Western social media ecosystem starts to adopt more commerce integrations. In this article, we explore five of the latest innovations to social media in China that have taken marketers and consumers alike by storm.

1. WeChat gesture recognition

Originally set up to mark Chinese Valentine’s Day, WeChat released a popular new feature in the summer of 2020 called gesture recognition. This is a hand gesture that uses two…

Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of paid search on China’s largest search platform

With Google claiming less than 2% of the market in China, the search engine landscape is markedly different from that in most Western markets. While there are several key players, including Haosou, Sogou, and Shenma, in the space, Baidu is undoubtedly the first port of call for most companies looking to run search marketing campaigns in China.

So, why Baidu?

There are several reasons why advertisers turn to Baidu when looking to advertise their products or services to Chinese consumers, the most important of which are outlined here.

Highest market share

Baidu search has the highest market share across both desktop and mobile users. According to Statista, Baidu boasts 74% of the Chinese search market, with…

Most valuable brands across the globe showcased in a new infographic, Facebook has been blocked from using data from other sources in Germany, China stops beauty products making medical claims in advertising and Amazon posts positive fourth-quarter ad revenue results

A new infographic has showcased the most valuable brands in many of the countries across the world, showcasing some stark differences in overall value between different countries. This week, Germany has also made a landmark ruling that will limit the types of data that Facebook can collect and assign to indvidual users, which has got the platform up in arms. China is bringing its beauty advertising more in-line with the rest of the world by banning brands from making medical claims when it comes to their cosmetic products. Amazon has reported some seriously strong growth in terms of ad revenue, taking some of the market away from Google. Find out more on each of these…

How to gain visibility in China's digital marketplace

Everyone wants a piece of the emerging market's pie, and the biggest slice is still China. After a temporary retreat, overall economic growth in China is expected to continue its upward trend, and retail momentum is keeping pace. While American companies focus most of their attention on first-tier Chinese cities, lower-tier cities in China are about to have their day in the sun. According to Jing Daily, cities such as Changsha, Foshan, and Wenzhou will be home to more high-income consumers than Beijing by 2030.

[si_guide_block id="98470" title="Download our Bussiness Member Resource – China Digital Marketing Strategy Guide" description="Our China Marketing Strategy Guide is a complete guide to help you understand China’s digital marketing landscape. This guide will give you a better understanding of China’s biggest online marketing channels and how they operate."/]

If you’re looking to expand into China, you might just be able to achieve faster growth with less competition by focusing on lower-tier markets first.

Why Tier-One…

Key trends on how brands are building trust in China

As we have just updated our China Digital Marketing Strategy Guide, Lei Chien, the author of the guide, has produced the article below on how brands are building trust in China and outlines the key marketing trends to be aware of.

1. The Latest Trends in China

With 2018 Lunar New Year around the corner, many marketers in China can finally take a deep breath and enjoy a break from a very busy year. To the world, the growth of China's digital economy is no longer a mystery. To say it's a force to be reckoned with can arguably be an understatement. China's continued progress in the digital space is contributed by innovations, fearless attitude towards failure, tech-friendly regulations, and of course its massive consumer market. As of February 2018, some of the latest trends in China include: Cryptocurrency: China mines more Bitcoins…

A guide to Mastering SEO when there is no Google

Operating in a world where Google and many other familiar channels don’t exist is something that many search marketers in the west might feel unsure of. The fact is, many of the fundamental rules are the same, but the context in which you’re operating becomes dramatically different. For search marketers that successfully venture into the Chinese market, the 'size of the prize' is huge. With over 640 million internet users, you’ve got the potential to reach an audience that’s more than twice the size of the US. Yes, twice the size! For any business looking to grow an audience in China, gaining visibility and coverage on the nation’s biggest search engine Baidu should form a key part of any strategy. With SERPs that may look familiar on the surface, Baidu has a lot of features that actually differ from what we’re used to,…
Digesting Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends Analysis I always enjoy and gain great insight from Mary Meeker's 'State of mobile marketing' reports which she regularly publishes at this time of year via Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. It's part of a 2015 Internet Trends report available from KPCB and also available in Slideshare format. 2015 Internet Trends Report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers The only issue is their scale - the deck is pushing 200 slides, so this year we're again giving a need-to-know digest of what's hot and what's new to save your eyes and digestion system. Of course there are a lot of data points showing that Mobile use is BIG and growing BIGGER, but you'll know…