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Getting Started Guide – Business Resources

Resources to help you get better returns from digital marketing for your business or your clients

Our Expert member resources are focused on helping businesses get the most from the opportunities of digital marketing to boost leads and sales.

Our resources are structured in 18 Toolkits which you can access from Member Home when signed-in. We recommend you start with the relevant toolkit since you can:

  • Score your capabilities in 9 key area and get recommendations on where to focus
  • Complete an Elearning module for each of 9 topics
  • Access all relevant resources grouped by topic

Recommendations on Expert resources to help you improve your business

Here is our pick of the best Expert member resources for different types of business needs. Here are the options - are you looking to...

1. Create a digital marketing plan?

Many of our members start by using our resources structured around our RACE Planning framework to create a digital marketing plan. For planning we recommend our:

2. Get buy-in and investment for digital marketing from colleagues?

Making the case is important in larger businesses. Our resources to create a roadmap for digital marketing and make the case for investment include:

We also recommend our two online marketing statistics compilations - useful for students and anyone else making presentations to make their case.

3. Plan a digital marketing campaign

4. Drive more traffic to your website?

Our guides cover all the core digital marketing channels through these best practice guides and related templates:

5. Improve conversion on your website to increase leads and sales?

These resources focus on creating digital experiences

6. Improve engagement and sales from existing customers?

Use these guides to communicate with existing customers more effectively

6. Improve use of digital marketing in a particular type of business?

As well as the resources above we have some resources for different types of business:

7. Other areas to improve?

Browse or search the full digital marketing library or please contact us if you have any questions about content you're looking for?

You may also want check our individual resources page including online courses and job descriptions .