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Digital marketing plan example

Use this example digital strategy structured around our RACE Planning framework to help create your own plan

How will this example digital plan help me and my business?

Smart Insights Expert members using the planning templates in our Digital Strategy Toolkit asked us for examples of digital marketing plans to inspire them when creating their own plans based on the blank templates. So, we have created this example plan to help support the process when members create their own plans.

The example plan is a fictitious B2C retail company - Wow Accessories - an online fashion accessories site for women for which representative objectives and KPIs are given. If you work in B2B marketing, see our B2B digital marketing plan example.

It's available as a Microsoft Word download so you can edit it for your own plan if needed. Text is minimised since most managers don't have the time to read or write text. Instead it features a series of tables summarising the current situation and future strategies and actions. The example plan includes a:

  • One page summary table for digital strategy
  • Digital marketing-specific TOWs matrix summary
  • A summary KPI dashboard for RACE measures
  • A review prioritising targeting options
  • Actions for future investment and summary budget

Who is this example for?

The example is to support anyone creating a digital marketing plan. It is a consumer marketing plan, so will be most useful for B2C marketers. However, the structure may be useful for B2B marketers too.

How is the example plan structured?

The example is structured using objectives defined across the Smart Insights RACE Digital Marketing Planning framework and a simplified version of PR Smith’s SOSTAC® marketing plan process. Sections broken down into smaller parts:

  • Opportunity – Review current business contribution of digital channels through refining dashboards and set future objectives based on an in-depth marketplace review.
  • Strategy – Define an overall digital channel strategy or specific strategy focused on customer acquisition (Reach), Conversion (Act and Convert) and customer retention and loyalty (long-term engagement)
  • Action – Details of specific tactics to implement the strategy such as planning and integrating content marketing, SEO, Social media and email marketing into marketing campaigns.

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