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Advertising regulations

Twitter has made some small tweaks to its platform, The CAP has announced new gambling ad rules, Google showcases plans for US location expansion and Instagram investigates bug that caused follower counts to fall

There are no big platform changes to unpick this week, although Twitter has announced three tiny changes to its platform, one to create clarity, another to make it easier to view profiles and the third is especially for Valentine's Day. New gambling advertisement rules will come into play in April that are aimed at reducing the effect that such ads have on those under the age of 18. As well as affecting where and when bookmakers can advertise, the rules will also impact who can feature in their ads. Google has announced its latest $13 billion expansion plans that will see it set up locations in a range of new states, helping to create thousands of construction jobs. Finally, Instagram…

Instagram's efforts to tackle fake accounts 'not working', marketing budget growth stalls due to Brexit uncertainty, Slack launches new logo and ASA cracking down on influencer sponsored posts

Find out all about some of the big marketing, social media and advertising news from the last week in our latest update.  

Instagram’s crackdown on ‘fake’ accounts not effective

The end of 2018 saw Instagram start it clamp down on “inauthentic” followers after pressure was put on by advertisers. However, data from Points North Group has suggested that Instagram’s efforts have had little effect. Instagram said that it would be using AI to remove fake followers attained through third-party apps. These types of apps are used by some influencers to make their profile look like a good option for advertisers due to high follower counts and engagement. Despite efforts being made to get rid of fake accounts, Points…

Google chief questioned by US Congress about political bias and data transparency, UK regulators banning harmful gender tropes in advertising, Marketers concerned about data freedom after Brexit and Facebook's pop-up attempt to re-build trust

One of the biggest news stories this week has to be Google being questioned by Congress about how search works, data privacy, China plans and political bias. In just under four hours of questioning, the covered a lot of ground, some of which our roundup will take a look at. When it comes to marketing and advertisiting in the UK, the big announcement was that negative gender stereotypes are going to be banned in adverts. In a bid to avoid stereotypes causing real-world harm, new regulations are st to come into effect in 2019. Our roundup also takes a look at the concerns that marketers have about the impact that Brexit could have on the free flow of data.…