Instagram's efforts to tackle fake accounts 'not working', marketing budget growth stalls due to Brexit uncertainty, Slack launches new logo and ASA cracking down on influencer sponsored posts

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Instagram’s crackdown on ‘fake’ accounts not effective

The end of 2018 saw Instagram start it clamp down on “inauthentic” followers after pressure was put on by advertisers. However, data from Points North Group has suggested that Instagram’s efforts have had little effect. Instagram said that it would be using AI to remove fake followers attained through third-party apps. These types of apps are used by some influencers to make their profile look like a good option for advertisers due to high follower counts and engagement. Despite efforts being made to get rid of fake accounts, Points…

Nine of the best team chat tools for making your team extra productive this year

With eight million active users and three million paid users, Slack is the darling of the business communication world. Indeed, the tool is hip and smart. It’s often praised for having multiple integrations, friendly UX and other features. At the same time, Slack doesn’t work best for many teams. Some consider it expensive or cumbersome. Others find themselves buried under tons of notifications and constantly distracted while using it. In a word, the demand for an alternative communication tool is high and there’s plenty of Slack alternatives. But which one should you choose? [si_guide_block id="70611" title="Download our Premium Resource – Essential digital marketing tools" description="This guide gives Free members a preview of the 30 categories of digital marketing tools you should be using for your marketing."/] Developing our own …

Up your slack game with these time-saving tools

What better way to boost marketing and sales productivity than using a productivity tool? Slack now has over 4 million users, and many marketing and sales tools have used that opportunity to reach more users by building integrations. The good news for marketers and sales personnel is that you can now get more work done without having to leave your Slack channels. This article summarises what you can do with these 10 great Slack integrations.


I’m beginning with GrowthBot because it is a severely underestimated chat based marketing tool that can help you with content ideas, keyword research and monitoring your competition. Once you have integrated the tool, you simply have to say “Hello” to have it suggest a dozen or so questions that you can then use as queries. Some interesting questions are “What…