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Brexit – marketing implications

Facebook's latest outage affects billions, Google removed billions of ads in 2018, advertisers concerned over Brexit uncertainty, WHO calls for stricter junk food digital ad regulations, UK government seeks digital competition review and Facebook removes fake account network

This week saw Facebook's family apps get into trouble, leaving billions of people across the world unable to access accounts or upload content. Google has announced that it removed billions of "bad ads" in 2018, although figures were down on 2017. Advertisers have shared concerns about the possible effects of Brexit in the wake of continued uncertainty. WHO is seeking to protect children's health after its report found that more junk food advertising is now taking place online following the introduction of stricter regulations across traditional media. An independent review has led to the UK government to call on the CMA to look at competition in digital media. Finally, Facebook has removed a network of around 100 fake…

Google chief questioned by US Congress about political bias and data transparency, UK regulators banning harmful gender tropes in advertising, Marketers concerned about data freedom after Brexit and Facebook's pop-up attempt to re-build trust

One of the biggest news stories this week has to be Google being questioned by Congress about how search works, data privacy, China plans and political bias. In just under four hours of questioning, the covered a lot of ground, some of which our roundup will take a look at. When it comes to marketing and advertisiting in the UK, the big announcement was that negative gender stereotypes are going to be banned in adverts. In a bid to avoid stereotypes causing real-world harm, new regulations are st to come into effect in 2019. Our roundup also takes a look at the concerns that marketers have about the impact that Brexit could have on the free flow of data.…

The Future of British Trade with Europe: A Light at the End of the Chunnel?

With Article 50 having been triggered recently by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit is now actually happening and calls for a revote can be forgotten. The negotiations are officially underway, and guess what, uncertainty still lingers in the air like a dense, London fog. So, what lies ahead for British business owners?

Building bridges by building tunnels

When the Channel Tunnel connecting Folkestone, England and Coquelles, France was opened in 1994, it was seen as a symbol of unity between the UK and mainland Europe. Though the idea of connecting the two landmasses was rejected for years by the British during the height of their empire, minds were changed as the new economic realities of the world started to take shape after World War II. Today, there is no question as to the importance of such a tunnel.…