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How to use Facebook Attribution

Discover the digital marketing game changer that is people-based measurement

How will this Quick Win help me and my business?

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) is digital marketing’s burgeoning party piece. Knowing which channels contributed to a user taking the desired action opens doors to sophisticated strategy optimization and next-level campaign performance. MTA is also one of the benefits that differentiates digital marketing from traditional above-the-line advertising channels. In this Quick Win you’ll learn how to use Facebook’s attribution tool to make data-driven marketing decisions and set yourself apart from competitors.

This Quick Win will help you understand the cross-device, people-based path to conversion and how to generate actionable data for more efficient allocation of media spend. You’ll learn how to set up Facebook Attribution in your Business Manager, integrate Facebook Attribution with your other marketing channels, and see which channels are most effective at driving results.

What will I learn and how is this Quick Win structured?

This Quick Win is structured into the following steps:

  • What is Facebook Attribution?
    • Why is Facebook’s attribution tool essential for advertisers?
    • What sets Facebook Attribution apart from other measurement tools?
  • How to set up Facebook Attribution and channel integration guide
  • Overview of Facebook Attribution
  • How should attribution data be analyzed?
    • Types of attribution models – rule-based vs statistical models
    • How does data-driven attribution work?
    • How to analyze your attribution data and make strategic decisions
  • How to sell Facebook and MTA to your stakeholders

About the author

Lyle Laaks

Lyle Profile

Lyle Laaks is a paid social media manager. He partners with some of the biggest brands in the world to drive their business objectives forward through social platforms. His ability to understand consumer behaviour, market sentiment and identify commercial opportunities, has given him the reputation as an effective marketer. This coupled with his affinity for tech and a love of learning has given Lyle the ability to help businesses from a cross-section of industries to scale through digital marketing.

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How to use Facebook Attribution

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