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How to start podcasting for marketing

Learn how you can use podcasts to market your business and connect with customers wherever they go.

How will this Quick Win help me and my business?

You can use podcasts to reach millions of people around the world through platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. By creating a podcast that showcases your expertise, tells entertaining stories or solves consumer problems, you can stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds wherever they go. Starting a podcast is lots of fun, but it requires careful planning in order to ensure you’re creating something that will effectively market your business.

This Quick Win will introduce you to podcasts and their glowing popularity before guiding you through the five steps of creating your first episode. By reading our advice and completing the accompanying worksheet, you’ll have a blueprint to work from and take your podcast from strength to strength.

What will I learn?

This Quick Win teaches you how to evaluate your current internal capabilities and plan a podcast that will engage with your customers. You’ll learn how to plan your show and record your first episode, with best practice and strategy recommendation tips. By the end of this Quick Win, you’ll be ready to record your pilot episode and upload it so that people can start subscribing to your podcast.

What will I learn and how is this Quick Win structured?

This Quick Win is structured into the following steps:

  • Introduction: What are podcasts and how can you use them?
  • Step 1: Assess your resources and aims
  • Step 2: Plan your show
  • Step 3: Record a pilot episode
  • Step 4: Edit your episode
  • Step 5: Upload your episode

About the author

James Story

James Story is Content Manager and Data Analyst at Smart Insights, creating and coordinating member content across 20 digital marketing toolkits. He is a University of Leeds graduate and has spent the last five years creating content for online PR, SEO, and digital marketing activities.

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How to start podcasting for marketing

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