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Some have said Email marketing is dead. Far from it! We're sure there's a lot of life in yet. It's still a primary way of engaging customers and combined with marketing automation to deliver more relevant communications, it's one of the most popular topics for Smart Insights members.

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Email marketing quick guide

Email marketing success factors

These are factors which we think are are important to look at for effective Email marketing. These focus on managing your in-house list, but many apply to rented lists also. They are in the form of questions email marketers should ask either when planning a new email marketing strategy or reviewing existing strategies.

Questions to review

  1. Achieving permission marketing. Which incentives are used for different audiences to acquire new e-mail addresses?
  2. Which forms of Email marketing to use for acquisition. For example rented lists, co-branded campaigns, acquisition centres, ads in third-party e-newsletters and triggered emails which are automatically sent in a sequence following registration to encourage conversion.
  3. E-mail value proposition. What content, offers and features can you offer within different forms of email marketing such as e-newsletters and standalone or solus emails or eblasts?
  4. Targeting and personalisation. How do you target your emails to deliver relevant offers and content for different audiences?
  5. Deliverability.Ensuring that your emails are delivered to the inbox of recipients and aren't classed as SPAM 'false positive'.
  6. Renderability. Ensuring that emails are readily viewable in different email readers such as Outlook and also webmail readers such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.
  7. Creating effective templates. These need to achieve 'inbox cut-through', i.e. stand out from the many other permission-based e-mails received. The form of creatives and calls-to-action need to be designed so that they achieve AIDA - Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action in the short time that recipients view e-mails. Templates also need to be designed to maximise deliverability and renderability.
  8. Email marketing integration. How should email marketing be integrated with other media, in particular direct mail this is sometimes known as 'right channelling'.
  9. Right Touching. What is the right frequency of email marketing combined with different forms of offer and content which maximises sales and branding objectives, but does not cause email fatigue leading to unsubscribes and lower response?
  10. Testing and measuring for email marketing. Are emails creative, targeting and offers testing sufficient to maximise response and do the pre-send tests check correctly for deliverability and renderability issues?
  11. Resourcing Email marketing. Should emails be sent from an in-house server or outsourced to using an email service provider (ESP)? How should you select the best email service provider for you?

Email marketing definition

Email marketing involves permission-based email broadcasts either to customers (or prospects) on an in-house list or prospects on third-party list (list rental).

When devising plans for email marketing communications, marketers need to plan for:

  • Outbound e-mail marketing , where e-mail campaigns are used as a form of direct marketing to encourage trial and purchases and as part of a CRM dialogue;
  • Inbound e-mail marketing , where e-mails from customers such as support enquiries are managed.

In our articles, we focus on outbound email broadcasts and integration with other channels.

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