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B2C Marketing Automation Best Practices Guide

Our Definitive Marketing Automation Guide

This guide to marketing automation best practices for consumer markets will help you review your requirements for marketing automation, select the best vendor and create or review your lead generation and nurturing programme.

How will this guide to marketing automation help me and my business?

Marketing Automation is a relatively new category of marketing technology combining lead capture, lead scoring, CRM, email marketing, personalisation, re-targeting and analytics. Our guide explains exciting opportunities to deliver more relevant and timely communications to prospects which nurture leads and boost response through the lifecycle.

What does the marketing automation guide cover?

This guide to marketing automation best practices will help you review your options requirements for a marketing automation programme, plan and implement improvements to best practices and select the best vendor to meet these requirements by answering these questions:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • What are the commercial benefits B2C marketers gain from marketing automation that they can use for making the business case?
  • What are the best practices across 10 key techniques of marketing automation?
  • How can we score leads of consumer propensity to buy?
  • How should we nurture our leads to convert more to sale?
  • Which criteria should I use to selection the best marketing automation vendor?

Who is this guide for?

This guide aimed at consumer marketers in businesses with relatively high value or high products or services where extended purchase timeframes can be supported by lead capture and nurturing during the buying process. Examples include:

  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare services
  • Professional services
  • Retail (high value and luxury)

If you’re a B2B Marketer, be sure to check out more recent guide to B2B marketing automation best practices.

Resource Details

About the author

Jordie van Rijn, consultant and publisher of Email Vendor Selection originally produced this guide, it was updated by Dr Dave Chaffey, editor of in April 2017

What does the Marketing Automation guide include?

This practice report includes:

  • Explanations of marketing automation concepts
  • Recommendations on requirements to review
  • Best practice tips for implementing marketing automation
  • B2C and B2B examples of marketing automation
  • Research from a range of studies to highlight the potential and challenges of implementing marketing automation software

Many of these approaches will also be of interest to email marketers who can implement these through their systems

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