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As the premier business-to-business social network, LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to market to other businesses today. Read our LinkedIn Marketing Guide for a comprehensive guide on best practices for using LinkedIn to market your business or improve your personal profile. Our articles in this section alert readers to new features and techniques and new approaches that work best.

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LinkedIn Marketing success factors

In our interview with Networking Coach Jan Vermeiren we asked which steps should businesses use to review how they use LinkedIn? Here's what Jan recommended.

Step 1. Profile

It starts with having an attractive Profile. Focus on building the “Know, Like, Trust factor”, not on selling your products or services. People need to know, like and trust you before they will buy. Use the applications in personal profiles I mentioned above to help generate awareness of what the company can offer. The simple step of encouraging employees to feature their LinkedIn in their email signatures can help too.

Step 2. Build your network

Then you need to build your network. LinkedIn offers 4 ways to do that fast through Contacts/Add Connections.

It's also really important to involve as many employees as possible in building their personal networks to help them promote the company also.

Step 3. Use Groups

Become member of the Groups your target group is member of. Again, refrain from selling and only promoting yourself. Build the “Know, Like, Trust” factor by participating and contributing.

Step 4. Be proactive

If you have done the previous steps, you have your foundation ready to get real results. They come from starting from your goals, thinking who are the people in the best position to help you reach those goals and then use LinkedIn PROACTIVELY to find them. Unfortunately many people don’t give enough attention to who is their target group and don’t take action themselves. And then LinkedIn remains like a car that is parked right in front of your house, but is never driven: nice to look at, but not very useful to get anything done.

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