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Grow your IT/high tech business by applying the latest industry strategies for technology product marketing across the product lifecycle

What is product marketing?

Product marketing describes the management of all processes involved in taking a product to market. This field of marketing involves working with R&D, manufacturing, logistics, comms, and sales. Since your role is so closely tied to the products in your category, product marketers take the role of advocating for the customer when product-related decisions are made (positioning, launch, development, etc). In this blog, we will explore what makes technology product marketing different.

What is technology product marketing?

Technology product marketing refers to product marketing when your products are IT/high tech. Typically sold in a B2B environment, technology product marketing is renowned for extended stakeholder relations and, currently, an increasingly competitive market. Of course, the nature of IT/high tech means many technology products will be software. The growing Software as a Service…

Western countries will see huge increase in the number of connected devices per person

New data forecasts show how the number of connected devices is set to explode, approximately doubling the rate seen in 2014 in just three more years. Interestingly, it is the areas that already have the most connected devices which will see the biggest increase. North America, which leads the world in connected devices per person is set to have over 11 connected devices per person on average by 2019. This mean a typical family home with four people in may have 44 connected devices! All these connected devices will be creating data, and lots of it. This raises privacy concerns, but also the possibility of understanding customers far better than we do now. Would you want your Smart fridge to tell advertisers that you are out of Yogurt, so all…

What does the 'IoT' mean for Marketers?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest trends in digital technology within the past 5 years. However, discussion of Marketing applications for IoT, has been surprisingly limited. This new infographic from Marketo, gives a nice visual introduction to opportunities for Marketers in different sectors to engage and satisfy the needs of our customers using the IoT. …