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Marketing for tech companies: How to identify opportunity, strategy, and action for business growth in 2024

Author's avatar By Gabrielle Wright 18 Dec, 2023
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Drive the direction of your technology business' growth next year with an integrated approach to marketing strategy and planning

What is the secret of marketing for tech companies? As a popular topic amongst marketers of all backgrounds - this growing sector merits its own discussion, helping us answer questions such as:

  • How do you budget marketing for IT/technology companies?
  • What are the most reliable growth hacks for startups?
  • How can IT and technology marketers stand out to win more high-value customers in an increasingly saturated digital landscape?

The global technology market is expected to rise to $3,168.13 million by 2027. This evolving international digital landscape affects us all, and as marketers, it is crucial to react and adapt to stay relevant to our customers.

At Smart Insights we encourage members to use OSA to structure their marketing planning. The macro-environment for tech marketers opens up new opportunities which fuel strategies and actions that your business can benefit from with a planned approach.

OSA explainer 2023

Looking for a new approach to planning for your tech business? Join Smart Insights for access to practical, expert-led marketing strategy and planning advice. Integrate our strategic tools and planning templates to streamline your marketing activities so you can use data and analytics to truly understand, and improve, your customers' experiences of your IT/high-tech company.

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Opportunities for tech companies

Clearly, there are opportunities for tech companies to embrace digital transformation right now. Whether digital transformation is new to you, or you're in the middle of this exciting period of change, it's important to stay focused on your digital capabilities and the benefits of digital development.

For example, comparing the maturity in your processes for managing always-on and campaign activities to peers in your sector helps demonstrate the need for investment and upskilling. Planning your strategy focusing on improving your business' digital infrastructure and skills means you can set internal KPIs based on your digital priorities and success factors.

Our free digital marketing benchmarks templates offer digital maturity benchmarks for reviewing the opportunities available for your IT or high-tech company right now. So you can confidently craft the team and resources you need to implement your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing excellence benchmarking

Strategy for tech companies

If you're looking for a winning marketing strategy to stand out in the marketplace and acquire and retain more customers for your IT/high-tech company, the most important takeaway for you today has to be our RACE Framework.

As shown below, RACE walks you through 5 steps to building an agile, strategic approach to digital marketing. Starting with your plan, creating a marketing strategy based around your customers' journey through the marketing funnel is a no-brainer, particularly when marketing for a tech company, since the customer journeys here can be very complex.

Our free RACE digital marketing plan template supports marketing leaders to review metrics, goals, and conversions, at each stage of the marketing funnel, using real-time customer data to ensure their pipelines are working as efficiently as possible.

Race Planning Framework

Download your free 90-day digital marketing planning template to get started today.

Marketing actions towards your goals

The final stage in our structure of opportunity, strategy, action is implementing the marketing activities themselves! That's where our tried-and-tested marketing tools come in.

As a manager, our Learning Paths and interactive dashboard enable you to assign and track progress in modules for your team. As a channel specialist, our expert guides and templates empower you to stay at the forefront of your specialism.

Members also receive our weekly news bulletin alongside reports, webinars, and industry news. Join Smart Insights today to keep in touch and find out how your company could benefit from our tools and training.

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By Gabrielle Wright

Gabrielle Wright is the Smart Insights blog editor, managing the company's SEO and social media strategies. With specialisms in marketing for the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry, financial services, manufacturing, IT/high tech, brands and e-commerce, Gabrielle can generally be found in her home office in Sandiacre, with a cup of tea, reading and writing about marketing theory and its practical application in the global economy! You can connect with Gabrielle on LinkedIn.

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