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Optimize your technology business' approach to marketing through opportunity, strategy, and action. Now's the time to truly master omnichannel marketing for tech companies with our dedicated framework for growth

What is the secret of marketing for tech companies? As a popular topic amongst marketers of all backgrounds - this growing sector merits its own discussion. How do you budget marketing for IT/high tech companies? What are the most reliable growth hacks for startups? How can IT and technology marketers stand out to win more high-value customers in an increasingly saturated digital landscape? Starting 2021 valued at $1.6 trillion, the explosive US tech sector is expected to reach a $5 trillion market value by the end of 2021. This is just one indicator of the global developments in the IT and high-tech industries in the last 18 months. But it's not just the USA. In fact, between them, the US…

There are winners and losers from the recent fintech marketing shakeup in the financial services sector. The key is putting your customers first as we delve into the latest trends and innovations in the finance landscape

Financial Services marketers are working amidst an era of digital disruption. Those based in traditional financial services businesses are witnessing rapid digital change, whilst new digital startup marketers are looking for fast growth and shaking up the marketplace. On both sides of the spectrum, it is agreed that financial services martech and fintech marketing unlock great opportunities to get closer to customers when done well. Smart Insights helps marketers and managers in a range of financial services businesses. We have dedicated startup and SME marketing tools and templates, plus full-team integrated marketing training for large global corporations. One marketing principle that rings true for all financial services marketing activities is ensuring a keen focus on the…

Grow your IT/high tech business by applying the latest industry strategies for technology product marketing across the product lifecycle

What is product marketing?

Product marketing describes the management of all processes involved in taking a product to market. This field of marketing involves working with R&D, manufacturing, logistics, comms, and sales. Since your role is so closely tied to the products in your category, product marketers take the role of advocating for the customer when product-related decisions are made (positioning, launch, development, etc). In this blog, we will explore what makes technology product marketing different.

What is technology product marketing?

Technology product marketing refers to product marketing when your products are IT/high tech. Typically sold in a B2B environment, technology product marketing is renowned for extended stakeholder relations and, currently, an increasingly competitive market. Of course, the nature of IT/high tech means many technology products will be software. The growing Software as a Service…